Version R1.40

Version R.140 Hotfix

(Fixed Autosave Issues)

(Fixed Experience gain Issue)



-Fixed More Spell Issues with Heroes from Lvl 100 to lvl 1 Abilities. (Thank you for waiting)

-Fixed Respawn Issues with enemy units



-All New Revamped Boss Fights on all Temple Bosses. (More still coming)

-Sets Corresponding with Temple Key Gates. (Almighty will open Heaven Temple, Nagator will open Nagator Doors, Siren Set will open Water Temples, and more)

-Arena PvP trophies can now be exchanged at the Festival from Robert the Games Master for Knowledge Points.

-New Introduction while game loads up.

-New Experience Calculations for Bosses (Little less for lower Boss lvls, little more for higher Boss Levels)


Glitch Fixes

-Fixed all forum Glitches submitted.

-BackStrike fixed

-Ogre Spawn Fixed

-Aoe of Presence Fixed

-Minor Glitches Fixed

-Armor on Items Fixed

-Dying while in Cinematic Mode Should be fixed



Version R1.38

-Fixed Spell Issues with Heroes  (More still may be required)

-Balanced some spells out a bit (More still may be required)

-Revamped Evo Assassin (Enjoy!)

-Revamped Multiform half as many images but twice as strong.

-Reduced Multishot by 1 for everyone

-Bosses should always respawn now

-Market Bought units can be harvested

-Minor Bug fixes

Version R1.37

This Version is a Giant Leep towards Optimizing the Game. This Version will be a huge improvement and should allow all those unable to play prior to be able to play, and also should allow for bigger lobby sizes. The Abilities have been reduced all to a single level except for Auras and Spellbooks and a couple of others. This is still a work in progress but this is definately a crucial update for the game, and should allow more people to play and experience Daemonic Sword ORPG!

-Optimized Object editor by 60%+

-Revamped All Hero Skills

-Reduced Hero Lvl Cap back to 400 (Will not effect code)

-Evolve reduced to 400

-Certain Bosses Reduced to 400

-Fixed Diablo Dungeon Door

-Fixed unit leaks

-Minor Bug Fixes

-Temple of Seven (Nagator Temple Elevator Fixed)



Version R.136

-Fixed Jungle Spawns

-Fixed Drop from Reaper and Reaper Respawn in Black Citadel

-Warrior attack 1 fixed with debris

-Some Bosses will drop shareable items from where they died. (Set Pieces and Boss Specific Items)

-Fixed some minor issues

-Portal of Darkness Fixed


Version R1.35

-Lazer Removal Fixed

-Ice Temple Reset for Switch/Gate Fixed

-Water Temple Sea Behemoths Fixed

-Revamped Eternal Damnation

-Fixed Unit scaling on some summons

-Fixed Wizard Spawn

-Sylicia Summon will count as summon.


Version R1.34

-R1.34 (Fixed Array Issue with R1.33)

-Damien spawn fixed

-Heaven Pathing Fixed

-Tooltips and orc beast name fixed

-Fixed some minor glitches

-Optimized a bit more

-Fixed more missing pathing blockers

-Bank vaults wont spawn inside wall hopefully.

-Removed Invisible from Forgotten One

-Fixed Portal of Darkness

Version R1.32

A lot of these glitches were fixed thanks to Thandrall whos been an active member on the forum and discord for a long time now.
It doesnt take much to sign up to the forum and once you do you can use your Google or Facebook account to sign in whenever you like.
The Forum is the best way for all of your questions, comments, and glitches to be answered by either me or someone else, as I can miss stuff on Discord rather easy.


-Revamped the way Lockboxes, Chests, and Safes Drop

-Permanent Chests can only be completed once a day

-Carbon Steel should only cost 1 gold to make instead of 2.

-Fish caught text hopefully fixed

-Brilliance aura Buff fixed

-Some Boots tooltips fixed

-Lowered Cross shot to 2 waves, with same total damage. (Hopefully Helps)

-Antonidas inside Castle Fixed

-Fixed Ping on Mission 7 of Mages Guild

-Ultimate 2nd tier item drop fixed (Sandman)

-Vampire Den outside blood key Fixed

-Lockpicking screenshake deletion fixed

-Diablo getting stucked fixed

-Hydra King Water Temple despawn Fixed

-Aractus getting stucked fixed

-Hordolian Flood unit fixed

-Horses from thieves guild should be fixed.

-Fixed pathing issues

-Knockback Ability hopefully fixed

-Reworked the way the Backpack Follows you

-Added back in some Enchanter's Boxes (Little different from last time)



Version R1.31

-Rewrote, Optimized, Merged, and Deleted a lot of functions, triggers, doodads, abilities, and units. Therefore glitches may arise in this version out of no where so I do apologize before hand and will quicky fix asap if they arise.

Revamped Temples and changed the way boss Respawns, abilities, and Temple Triggers work.

-Most Temple doors will stay open allowing for a non rushed experience of the temple, as well as ease of navigation.

-Changed arounded the way Pathing Blocking works, so there may be a couple of spots which may be pathable but are not supposed to be. (Should be pretty good tho)

-Changed Lockpicking and Fishing Skills Optimized and shorter with Reward Functione

-Removed Middle Class Fishing Rod (Now there are only 2 Fishing Rods. Regular and Advanced)

-Removed Useless Fish Items that had no alchemy and revamped some of the alchemy to make it a little easier.

-Changed the way some abilities work.

-Merged some spell book abilities to save space

-Revamped Knockback Functions

-Non Enchanted Boot will not give Speed Boost. (Now grants evasion)

-Movement Speed will now be based off of Agility.

-Removed "Mission" Quests from Advisor

-Merged/Deleted alot of things so some things may be a little off

-Fixed Glithces submitted on Forum

-Switch Stance now based off of functioncode and should work 100%. (still working on UI for Damage)

-Weather Effects now only in Single Player as they cause alot of Lag.

-Reduced Health Bar Size drastically on pretty much all units. (Let me know if I missed some)

Version R1.29

-Sacrifice will work (Doesnt so much care about the "follow me" part but you can sacrifice any Villagers you control.)

-Speak to Acolyte about "Wanted" with Charged Sacrifical Book.

-Bloody Wings charges fixed (Must be on Hero, but anyone can Kill)

-Bloody Wings of the Night will now enchanted with Caeruleus Stones.

-Illusion / Multiform Attacked Speed Glitch Fixed

-Knockback on Nagator Fixed

-Decaying Aura fixed

-Items with missing stats fixed

-Daemonic Sword GMQ skip fixed



Hello everyone thank you for the wait. This is the moment you've all been waiting for! Introducing Companions and Events! This is only stage 1 of what is too come so I hope you all enjoy the first installment of these new systems!


-Sacrificing Villagers with "Follow me" should be fixed

-Purchase Sacrifical Book from Acolyte

-Once you have enough charges on Book speak with Acolyte about Wanted

-More Items will be added to the reward system eventually, for now just the Amulet of the Dead for 25.

-Some Item bonuses were missing from the consolidation of stats, and have been fixed.




R1.27 (Polishing the Grind)

-Reduced Enchanting Skill Level Requirements (0,0,5,10,15,20,25,30,35,40,45,50)

-Reduced Forging Skill Level Requirements (0,0,5,10,15,20,25,30,35,40,45,50)

-Greatly improvement Forging (Better Menus, and can select Backpack)

-Improved Experience from Forging Training and Smelting

-No Requirements on Forging Training or Smelting (Requirements on Mining and Crafting Only)

-Reduced Thievery Lockpicking Skill Requirements (0,10,15,20,35,50)

-Increased Thievery Experience gained on Lockpicking

-Increased Creep Experience (Endgame will notice huge difference)

-Increased Boss Experience

-Lowered level requirement to Ice Cavern to 300

-Increased Armor of Summoned Units

-Decreased Cooldown time of Summoned Units

-Revamped Golden Pillar

-Increased Mana per Intelligence to 3

-Removed Dragons Egg from House

-Lowered/Balanced All Sets Stats by a small margin

-Fixed Star Fall Event

-Fixed Switch Stance (Also requires arrows to start, so you cant accidently click)

-Elementalist Buff now has Rapid Cast, Recharge, and Resistances to all Elemental Affinity Types: Fire, Water, Ice, Air, Lightning, Earth

-Fixed not be able to cast friendly spells on your teammates while in passive mode.

-Treant Added to Forage Spots with percent Based Damage. .5% (Song of Fira kills it)

-Claws of Darkness improved. (Much Quicker with knockback)

-Knockback added to Rangers Summons

-Phael Affinity Buffs will reintroduce bonuses to them, (Attack Speeds, Life Regeneration, Armor Bonuses, Speed Bonuses)

-Improved Dark Guardian Fight with new Camera Cinematics

-Revamped GMQ Lore and Dialog in beginning Quests to make more Mysterious and more Gradual.

-Limits of 1000 per Stack while Mining, and Foraging.





-Lengthen the Loading Time at the beginning so all computers can stay insync.

-Fixed Companion Spirit (Turns some summons into Companions Skins)

-Fixed some lag issues in endgames boss fights and mass units.

-Moon Owl Companion fixed and will be available (Should have been from beginning)




R1.25c - Fixed Vision Cheat



-Tired of seeing the same old backpack, what about those damn footmen corpses, better yet how about your summons? Well now you dont have too!

Daemonic Sword ORPG is bringing customization to warcraft like never before, and this is only stage 1!


-All New Companions are here for everyone to show off their own styles!

-Up too 70 companion skins for you to choose from which replaces your backpack skin (1 Per Hero for now)

-New Companion Ability which allows you to transform most of your summons into your companion model! (Check Speechcraft Abilities)

-Companions are savable and add a whole new level of customization to the game! Enjoy!

-Companions can be purchased from all over the place for knowledge points and sometimes Gold.

-Some Companions can be cheap while others can be very expensive



-All new Learnable Abilities available from all new "Bookshelves" and "Special Buildings" scattered throughout the land!

-60+ learnable saveable abilities with more on the way!

-Bookshelves will now teach different levels of abilities for knowledge points aka lumber

-Previous learnt abilities will not match up with new list and therefore you will load with a different ability. (Just the way it is)

-Everyone who hasnt bought anything will start with an ability. (Just the way it is) (Unless they start new)

-All Abilities learned will save with your Hero (1 Per Hero for now)




All new events and time system added into daemonic sword where different things will happen at different times and dates of the day.


-Prison Wagons will travel the land to the different gallows and perform an execution.

-Tax Collector in Fira will collect taxes everytime you talk to him and then you must wait for him with rope at a certain location to ambush and steal all the taxes!

-Undead Ship will traverse the waters and drop off a flood of units to battle it out with at different locations.

-The Galleon will travel from port to port trading goods, with a treasure ship you can put a stop to that.

-The Prisons are set for execution, Prison Wagons will travel the world to different gallows within the cities and perform an execution for the crowd.

-Meteorites will now fall from the sky in a starfall and can be pickaxed to get forgining experience and some items!

-All new Weather System added in complete with Night and Day Skybox.  (Looks amazing in Cinematics and 3rd Person Camera)

-Lots of subtle things to make you feel like the world is moving!

-Calm waters make for a rough voyage on the seas!



Last but not least is the most amazing event, The Festival! I hope everyone will love this festival equipped with vendors, minigames, music, fireworks, Quests, and so much more!  Regardless of your level there should be lots of enjoyment and fun to be had!

-Learn Abilities from different buildings which are built

-Shoot Vultures with your bow and arrow in Second stance

-Murloc Bob where a murloc can jump out and you must fish them!

-Wack-o-golem Minigame

-High striker Mini Game!

-Music from my most beloved games as a child!


-Special vendors!

-And the Most special thing of all is the Bonus Quest to take the Princess on a Date, and explore a more indepth look into Daemonic Sword ORPG!



-Thats right, now with the lower/upper case codes and warcraft 3 being better than it ever has been, the Bank will now offer 3 Bank Vaults! Just talk to the Treasurer to obtain your 3rd vault! Enjoy!

(Save as many charges as you want!)



-All New Siege of Alexandria equipped with Cinematics, Music, and a whole lot of epicness! This cinematic is just one of the first of many to come to Daemonic Sword ORPG!

-Press Esc to leave cinematic, and -skip to opt out completely.

-All New Cinematic Mode for current Cinematics.



-Tal-Raegias Set Added

-Exquisite Ruins 1,2,3 added

-4 Different Exquiste Items added with ability to Improve upon each one even further.

-All New Items Complete with new Spell Bonuses!



I fixed so much and gave mystic prophet my map to update the Wiki and to proof read it a bit and to see things I may have missed! Big shout out to him for that, and thank you too Helmer95, IDIEM, Cronosis89, NeekeriNepali, Psionic, and gad2biperez, PhaelFaria, and Wylord! And thank you everyone for all your post on the discord, I try to read it as much as possible, but I also dont want to steal to the show on there either, as i enjoy read the communication between the fans and not just at me!


All Usersubitted Glitched fixed

-Paladin Evolution fixed

-Reapers Presence

-Tooltips for items

-Damage types for items

-Improvement on spells

-Cerberus and Frost Bear respawn.

-BOTO obtainable

-Entrance to Smugglers tunnel fixed

-Gars King Drop Fixed

-Hell Hiest Fixed









Version R1.24

-Custom Avatar in SpellBook (Angel of Light/Master of the damn) Fixed
-Pickaxe will work with bloodkey
-Hermit will enter Castle
-Summoner Ice Age Hotkey Fixed
-Evolution Fixed
-non Hero units can enter doors

Version R1.23

-Pickaxe Fixed and smash should work on it

-Affinity Buffs granting armor reduced

-Metamorph Armor Glitch Fixed

-Almighty Element not dropping key fixed

-Event Starfall added (Smash Meteorites in Mystic Mountain for item and Forging Experience

Version R1.22

-Fire and Water Buff Affinity will not grant healing.

- "-code" can be toggled at anytime, and will tell you current Username. (Please try this Solo as some bugs have been reported from it)

-Lightning/Air Resistance Multiboard display fixed

-warrior evolved location fixed

Version R1.21 Quality Control

Hi Everyone!
Its finally here but its far from being 100% complete but I hope you enjoy the new systems Daemonic Sword ORPG will feature in this next version!
I am looking forward to put the final touches on everything and listening to your feedback so far. I really want to get this version out to everyone because of the Blizzard update changing the usernames.
This version will be awesome Ive done a lot of changes that even I forget half of what i've done. I hope you guys enjoy the new damage system, its been sometimes ive always wanted to do and with all the
new triggers it makes it a lot easier! The new events will be awesome too I have a lot of ideas I still need to bring to life and I hope you guys can imagine some cool events in the game you would like to see!
I am also always trying to improve the games loading and optimization as I want everyone to be able to play Daemonic Sword ORPG!


USERNAME CHANGE (Very Important for those whose Usernames have been changes and codes lost due to recent update)

Before you load your code type in "-code"
This will toggle your Username temporarily to the way it was before.
The username displayed must match the one on the .txt file in order for the code to work
Once Hero has been loaded the game will set your Username back to current build.



-All New Custom Damage Types with 12 different Affinities (Physical, Fire, Ice, Water, Lightning, Air, Earth, Holy, Unholy, Arcanic, Gravity, Poison)

All Affinities will have weakness's and strengths against  one another. Default is +/- 50% however different events can change this amongst other things.
All Damage Spells will deal a specific Affinity Damage Type
All units and Summons will have a certain affinity type
Phaels will grant Affinity Auras making other surrounding units become that random affinity
All Player Heroes will now have Resistances to all affinities based upon Skills and Hero Level up to 50%
Difficulty (based upon player count) will Reduce Resistances Percentages by the amount shown.
Multiboard Enhanced to display all this information.
Fire/Lightning durational effects also added in. (Things will burned per second and shocked when attacking) More coming with different affinities

This Damage Type System applies after the (Damage Attack Types vs Armor Types) and Spell Reductions.
I have made Spells Attack Types do 100% damage to Hero Armor Types.


-Event System
Different weekly events will now take place as well as different specific day events. (Very new lots more to work on, but you get a little taste.)
-Events will help with Skills, Levels, Quests, Items, and add lots of lore to the game and even make the game come more alive in a sense.


Quality Control

-Fixed a vast majority of special effects that did not work due to crossover into reforged

-Improved a huge amount of Special effects related to Spells and abilities_

Vast Majority of Tooltips fixed and updated

-All Items with Spell Bonuses and many new items now have updated Spell Bonuses

-Revamped a lot of Hero Abilities and even created some New ones

-Custom Avatar Created with percent based bonuses

-Dark Impailer abilities for Darklord

-New Metamorph for Reaper Evolved

-New Rock Terrain replacement added

-Any hostile unit created has a chance to be a Phael.

-Pickaxe with 75 Forging and 75 Thievery can Smash Switches

-Purchasable Spell "Jump" can now Smash Switches at level 200. (More Purchasables Coming Soon)

-Revamped Mana Burst and Bloody Mana (Bloody Wings) (Better Tooltips, more Universal Abilities now)




-Merged close to 200 Triggers into several.

-Removed Grass (2000 Doodads) I can add grass back in if needed/wanted but in smaller quantities.

-Removed other destructables and Doodads / Improved Areas of the Map

-Removed a lot of Global Variables

-Improved and Optimized Triggers to be smaller.

-All Spell Bonus Damage now sum up into total damage of Spell only displaying 1 Damage String instead of multiples.


Fixed Glitches

-Infernal Hammer Fixed (You will use pickaxe now to dig it up)

-Killing Livestock without turning off passive mode fixed


Things to Note and look out for:

-There was a lot to test but if there are bugs I will try fix them asap!

-Entrances and Exit triggers are merged as only allow heroes to enter through them currently

-Flood Triggers have been merged and may spawn differently then used too

-Merged a lot of triggers for optimization so some may not work 100%

-Some triggered created units may still not have affinities.


Version R1.20

-GMQ Fixed (Recreation of Units caused some bugs)

-Demon Slayer Evolved Name fixed

-Demonstorm special effect fixed

-Infernal Hammer Colossal fixed

-Scrolls will drop from Mage Guild Business

-Sleep on Guards tested and shouldnt catch you.

-Diversion set to level 1 Required

-Guards(wandering) added to Castle Dungeon, with some more hints.

Version R1.19

-Vanish/Windwalk abilities no longer cause crash

-Second Stance with Arrows no longer cause Crash

-Scrolls will drop from Mage Guild Business

-Spell Critical Fixed

-More Optimization for initial loading

-More Preparation for Quests

-Fixed Necromancers Evolved Attack missle

Version R1.16/R1.17/R1.18

18-Fixed Fishing Camera Moving Glitch

18-Fixed Necromancer Evolved Name


17-(Cage Respawn fixed)

17-Necro can now actually Evo

-Fire/Ice/Rock Formations will now respawn in random places and give speechcraft exp

-Cages now spawn and have random chance to free a prisoner which can be escorted back for more skill points

-Increased Size of Mystic Mountains

-Forgotten Prison location fixed

-Random Crashes from fights should be resolved

-Necro Evolution now located anywhere in Ancient City

-Fixed Abilities on certain items

-Fixed more Tooltips and Hotkeys

-Fixed Hiest Guards Detection Range

-Fixed Mages Guild Quests with Voidwalkers


Version R1.14/R1.15


-Daemonic Sword Item Revamped (Wield Switch/SpellBooks) (Added Level 150 Daemonic Sword)

(All Daemonic Sword Upgrades completed at Daemonic Sword Pedestal)

-Fishing Skill now increases charges and chance of item drops

-Increased Experience Constant (More Exp gain)

-Increased/Revamped Boss Experience (Shared Triggered)

-Corpses and Ground of Evil Revamped

-Boss Fights Special Events Increased chances and revamped for more fun.

-Level Requirements added to Vampire Dungeon(25), Ice Temple(50) and Orc Fortress(50)

-More Optimization (Map Loading, Less starting units on Map, Streamlined Object Editor)

(Removed a lot of redundant abilities and buffs to save room)

-Woto named Changed to Daemonic Sword of the One

-Fixed some summoning Tooltips and

-Revamped Alchemist Journal for new Book Reading Skills.

-Voidwalker Bug

-Lots of Minor Bugs fixes

-Special Effects Revamped for alot of spells (Trying to find ones that work with both Reforged/Classic)

-Models Fixed to be viewed from both Classic and Reforged.

-Adjusted colours overlays of models to better suit Reforged viewing.


Version R1.13

-Pickskills revamped, (May cause Crash)

-Nagator Temple Fixed

-All usersubmitted Glitches Fixed

-Metamorph(evo) fixed

-Spawn Locations Fixed for specific units

-Mining bug fixed

-Summoners summons bug fixed

-Divine Curiass of Heaven bug fixed

-Charged item drop bug fixed

Version R1.12

-Pickskills should work but isnt quite perfected as of yet.

-Amulet of the One Mastered with primastic and Woto/Choosen ones Set. (Cast on Self added)

-Optimization (Reduced units on map by 100) (They get created at start)

-Theivery Hiest - Guards will send you to Castle Dungeon if Caught in all locations.

-Temple of Keys pathing location fixed

-Various Bug Fixes

-Buffed Resolve for Warrior

-Warriors Aura Mana Burn Increased

-Arcane Dragon Summon buffed

-Buffed Resolve for Warrior Mana burn on Warriors Aura

-Bank Vaults spawn location in House fixed

-Removed more Custom Models and switched to Default Reforged Models.

-Revamped Ambush


Version R1.11

-Bosses Items Fixed

-Housing exits and region placements fixed

-Hunting items will now have a charge and stack together.

-Skill Teleport to Temple of the one Reworked to Teleport of the One.

-Amulet of the One Teleport Revamped (Enjoy)

-Fixed glitches from R1.07

Version R1.07

-Evolved can now save (Sorry)

-Black Mask Enabled (Advanced Players of the game will not like it, but its a lot easier to know where you explored with new players)
-(Hunting Skill will soon unlock Map Exploration Perks, for the Advanced players

-Mages Guild Experience Fixed

-Abyssinal Room needs Ancient Key

-Second Stance Fixed

-Mining/Fishing amounts(Charges) gain fixed

-Fixed some enchanting items causing glitches

-Fixed some forging items causing glitches

-Black Citadel AOE bug is a known bug. (Working on it)

-Death while lockpicking fixed, but shouldnt autosave while lockpicking

-Nerfed Voidwalkers (Removed Stun and Blink)

-Frozen Cavern Entrance fixed

-Fixed bug with other players units (backpack, ect) interupting Hero damage while casting spells

-Lowered Sorceress MOE casting time

-Ashhorn Dragon/Aractus will now count as Bosses

-Lots of Major/minor Bug Fixes (Forum Posts and some I must keep Secret)

-Revamped DarkLords Summons (Buffs will increase summon str and new Reforged Model)

-Some evolved Stats Fixed

-Presence should not aggro Invulnerable units (Thieves Guards and stuff)

-Temple of the one teleport should be visable to all


Version R1.06

-Firelord will respawn correctly

-Heaven key and more items from forging, alchemy and enchanting

-Orc Shield Fixed

-Death Presence on non evo fixed

-Invincible captain fixed EMQ

-Presence effects will scale when removing adding items and powerups.

Version R1.05

-Optimization to prevent desyncs

-Talking to Advisor about Housing Fixed

-Invincible captain fixed EMQ

-Presence effects will scale when removing adding items and powerups.

-Removed more Thundercap Special on Magic Storm

-Hermit Quest Fixed

-Reworked Autosave

-Added Charged Cap on Foraging/Mining (1000)

-Summoners summons health increased

-Heaven Entrance Fixed

-Experience gain increased with more players

-Item Requirements fixed (Reforged Broke them, can only have 1 of each wield/type)


Version R1.04

-Better Loading Optimization

-Fixed Item Requirmeent Glitch with different wields

-Improved Loading Screen

-Golden Compass will not be removed

-Removed more Thundercap Special effects (Sound is annoying now)

-Giant Spiders are actually giant

-Vamp Door fixed where it could trap you inside

-You can sell items to the treasurer now

-Various Improvements

Version R1.03

-Souls(Lumber) saved fixed

-Illusion Item removal fixed

-Fixed some more Special Effects

-Fixed various minor issues

Version R1.02


-Replaced Thunderclap ability with other special effects.

-Darklords thundercap Special effect that did not delete is now removed

-Switch up some more Special Effects for ones that were not working

-Fixed Upgrade Ultimate Daemonic Sword

-Various shallow water terrian fixes

-Fishing Frogs will not get removed

Version R1.01


-Fixed Issue with saving items

-Fixed issue with autosave interupting channeling spells

-Fixed issue with certain item such as keys being removed (Vamp Keys)

-Fixed Lottery Number display

-Daemonic Sword set to lvl 5 requirement

-Slowly fixing and improving sounds and special effects to better suit Reforged (Thunder Clap, Some Special Effects are just missing entirely)

-Sacrific/Vanquish Spells on Summoner now heals summoner.

Version (R1.00)

Designed for Reforged

The wait is over and reforged has finally come! Thank you to everyone, together let us bring in a whole new era of Daemonic Sword for many more years to come! This is only the beginning, and there is so much more work to be done. Lets make Daemonic Sword ORPG the number #1 game on warcraft 3!

VERY IMPORTANT: (Code Wipe) This version will force all players to start new again please join our discord and read the annoucements to learn more. Thank you!

-Revamped Save/load Codes (Smaller case letters) (Allows for smallers codes and thus more to save eventually)

-Bank Vaults are now in their own seperate Building located besides the Mage Guild near Ramoria. (Center of the Mapish)

-Removed a lot of Custom Models decreasing File Size of Daemonic Sword ORPG

-Daemonic Sword is Compatible with both Classic and Reforged!

-All work is still done in Classic Warcraft 3 Editor to allow for CrossGameplay.

-Necromancer and Demon Hunter are now based on new units and may cause old saves to become messed up, or load another hero type or not work at all.

-Item Fusion now located inside Temple of the One.

-Ultimate Daemonic Sword now upgrades inside the Daemonic Cave where you find the Daemonic Sword.

-Reforged Models still have weapons and shields. (In time Hiveworkshop will create awesome models however I still want it to be compatible with Classic / Reforged.

-Some Models have not been upgraded to reforged as there is not a default model which can replace it at this time.

-Reverted alot of custom models to Classic Models to enhance Reforged.

-All interfering Doodads and Terrain enhanced and revamped for Reforged

-Converted base terrain into Ashenvale and removed custom terrain and replaced with defaults to be suit both classic and reforged.



-Removed Daemonic Bolt/Angelic Light and replaced with Angelic Speed (Haste)

-Knockback/Indy knockback should cause some bonus damage when enemy slams into unpathable locations. (ei: Slams into a wall)

-Revamped a lot of locations for more space and to enhance inside locations.

-Esc on autosave/lockboxes should be resolved

-Revamped Necromancers Unholy Frenzy into Unholy Touch. (All New you should like it a lot)

-All Enchanted Gauntlets now will have Haste Ability (Faster Attack Speed)

-Abyssinal Gate can now only be opened by Ancient Key

-Ice Temple Revamped

-All walls redone and correct size



Version 7.00+ PreForge

7.08c Now Available (The Colosseum)

First off I just want to say thank you for your patience for this version. The latest warcraft update messed up the Map and I was unable to work on it for a time. I backtracked on an older version and eventually solved the problem somewhat. I would like to thank Phael, lilfrand, Mystic, Aitz, Carol, and ludde for their help in testing the newest updates which I hope you will enjoy.

There will be a pretty big Meta Changes with attack speeds and I have added a ton of new Items and Sets for you to forge, find and enchant. There is a whole new revamp of 80%+ of the map, lots of new ground textures. All the Temples, Cities, and a lot of the interiors have been redesigned and improved, as well has added main land terrain and a new spot for level 400+ to train.

Daemonic Sword will feature a new custom attack speed which is based off of your base agility as well as your overall agility. This allows for your attack speed to continue to grow well into the 400+ levels and give agility a huge bonus in Attack Speed throughout the game. This will also allow for all new attack speed bonuses which were never allowed before because of the default cap.

New spells have been added and revamped and there will be hopefully less initial starting game desync issues. Reforging has been introduced where you can take existing items and use ingots to reforge them into more powerful versions. More Reforged Items will be added later in the future as well as more sets and other items from Guild Quests.

There has been a New Temple that has been added for you to have fun and try to complete, amongst a ton of other things for you to explore and try out. There has been a total redesign of all the Thievery Hiests and there is added high level loot as a reward with more rewards to come and more hiest locations.

I look forward to completing the quests for the Guilds and add more items and saveable abilities to go with them. Have fun!


-EarthQuake Damage Fixed

-Dispell Magic Fixed

-Date Added


-Raegnarok Mana Shield Level Fixed (b)

-Reflect on Mana Shield Fixed

-Metamorph losing an items fixed

-Leaving Arena games fixed


7.08 (The Colosseum)

The People of Alexandria have been in uprest against the lack of games in their arena. Riots have taken to the streets and the people demanded more games! 

Now the Arena has been Reforged into the Colosseum with All new Game System and all new Mini Games added with Trophies to earn allowing you to purchase different items and abilities.
The Mini games you know and love such as Chicken Chaser and Survival have been revamped and now the Colosseum introduces all new mini games!

Musical Dance: You must run around the Colosseum and play the musical songs on rocks, fire, or ice formations.

Dog Track: Place your bets everyone, which Dog do you think will win? Even if youre not there,  you can still place a bet!

Battle Royal:  Compete against other Heroes in a massive Free for all Battle Royal. The more you battle the more special trophies you can earn and collect for some future upcoming special pvp exculsive items.

Lottery Ticket: You can now purchase a lottery Ticket. Draws are held twice a week at 6am. You can only purchase one ticket per draw, however you may repeat your purchase to change your random number.


All New Passive Mode added:

-Removed 1/2 rule on all PVP attacks and spells and added in Passive Mode (Found in Hero Skills)


Mana Shield:

-All new Mana Shield Created for all Heroes which enables all the special bonuses to be detected as well as using armor to increase the mana shield power.

-Shield of Gaia added to Wizard/Life Sage (50% Mana Shield)

-All User Submitted Glitches Fixed

-Blue Dragon Armor

-Angelic Wings Command Aura Fixed

-Hopefully fixed Lockpicking so doesnt mess up

-God Set Enchanting Fixed

-POE fixed

-Business can be redone if target is in hard to reach spot.

-Zorl will Respawn

-Revamped Presence Aoe passive Damage to be more optimized

-Optimized Spells and Periodic Events

-Revamped Hero Abilities Tool Tip Colour and ease of Formula reading. (Thanks to  Lilfrand for his Help!)

With Regards to PVP the Heroes are somewhat balanced against eachother however much work is still needed to balance them as well as certain items. Please do not be too discouraged if your Hero does not perform as well as youd hope, it may just need a bit of tweaking or maybe something is broken. Balancing is a challenge and all feedback is appreciated and I enjoy reading the discussion!

There are many prizes and items still yet to be added into or created for the Colosseum and Guilds! For now enjoy the Daemonic Swords Battle Royal!




-Heavenly Rain fixed, and power shot

-Zorl and General Azgalor fixed

-Mages Guild Quests should be fixed

-Hot keys Fixed

- Stairs Fixed

-Paladins Summons buffed

-Nagator Essence can be resummoned





-Zorl(Hordolian) will respawn

-Days of the Week added

-First General fight Fixed

-Power Shot Fixed

-Heavenly Rain Fixed



-Bosses will respawn

-Temple of the one teleport will select teleporter

-Removed Soul Collector, Get King Daemonic Cuirass from Nagator

-Daemon can now drop King Daemonic's Cape

-Various smaller glitches

-Trigger optimization



-Mirror Images attack speed fixed

-Hydra drops added (Fixed)

-Heaven Reset and Bosses Fixed

-GMQ Zorl getting removed fixed

-Essence of Almighty will drop

-3 Chances for item drops from Bosses

-Cannot hold 2 keys from either backpack now

-Various bug fixed and rebalanced

-Syclia unlimited summons fixed

-Sirens set fixed

-More tt fixed



-Teleport Fixed

-Sandman Fight Fixed

-More tooltips fixed

-1/12 Chance for Siren




-Wells added to Brenellia (What could be at the bottom?)

-Tears of Eye Fixed (Cannot use inside Boss Room Areas)

-Almighty Death For EMQ Fixed

-Almighty Spawning Interfering with other Hero Deaths Fixed

-Return Arrow (Second Stance) Fixed

-Feed/ Flash Strike Hero wont warp now

-Sirens Boss Drop Revamped

-Sirens Set can now be fused

-Forgotten Cuirass wont crash

-Tool Tip Hot Keys Fixed

-Primus Magus Supreme Stone Drop Fixed

-Revamped units Armor to better match their level

-Thievery Boss Drop spawns Next to other loot

-EMQ Acolyte in Hell will TP you into Cloud Haven Area

-Various Minor Balancing and Bug Fixes



7.01a Hot Patch

If I didnt get your glitch on the forum please report, but I will also recheck and go through it again.

-Water Temple Cave Entrance fixed

-Vanguards Drop from Lazer Fixed

-Gods Cloak Drop Fixed

-Moved Banshee Queen drops to Zorl Orc Leader in Hordolian

-Ice Temple Scorpion Behemoth Switch Moved back a bit

-Tool Tips Fixed

-Vampires Ultimates Item wont Cause Crash

-Reforged Items Fixed (More coming Soon)

- Revamped Portal of darkness

-Revamped Elements

-Teleport from Ice Boss Fixed

-Black Varolia added to Hordolian Area

-Tears of Ice Teleport Revamped

-Clones attack speed should increase

-Multishot on Darklord Levels tt Fixed

-Frost Revs wont attack wrights

-Rangers Wolves Buffed

-Demons Hunters/Slayers Summons Buffed




Introducing the Phæl, The Phæl is a new Plague that has spread across Brenellia. Whether it comes from dark sources or something purely natural is still a mystery to the Guilds.
The one thing that is known is that the creatures infected with the Phæl have increased power and seem to command the others.


-The Phæl plague Added

-Revamped Ultimate Items (Removed some Abilities, and Replaced others. Balanced out Ultimate items vs other Ultimate Items and Lvl requirement.

-Total overhaul of Item Drop System implemented with future attentions coming: (Magic Find chances, Items with Magic Find)

-All Items dropped from mobs will be sharable (Hunting Skill Drops not included)

-More Item types will drop from all units

-Fixed Boss Drops

-Fixed Hero respawning

-Added Fira Area units to Unitgroup Remove/Create

-Revamped Portal of Darkness (Automatic)

-Fixed DeadEye

-Crosshot made a bit quicker (Should hopefully do damage)

-Fixed Tooltips and new item abilities.

-Primus Model setback to default

-Sand Golem Flood Should be fixed

-Net mastery Id fixed

-smelting Infernium Ingots set to 2 coal

-heal fixed

-Defeating Colussus Infernal will open Hell BossKey Gate

-Some Hotkeys  Fixed

-Magic Storm should be fixed

-Thievery Heist Treasure Box should drop.

-Items fixed that crash game when picked up

-Fountion of Blood Damage Fixed



-Revamped Persuasion

-Fixed Tooltips

-Added in Sirens Set

-Black Citadel Entrance Fixed

-Raised Divine Bow of Power Enchant to Bow of Heavens to cost to 25 Potentia

-Summons Guardians Model Fixed

-Enchanting Fixed

-Reforged Items tooltips/Some Abilities Fixed

-More Main Quests Initial Items will be sharable



-Fixed Item Sellback

-Removed Soulless wave and Replaced with fingers of Death for Evo Necro

-Ice Age should be fixed

-Fixed some tooltips

-Added back in gold ore to Carbon Ingots requirement

-Fixed Summoners Turtle Summons

-Removed/Replaced Shark Models with Turtles.

-Fixed Resilience Buffs



New Additions to the Game:

Item Sharing is now possible (Work in Progress)

-Some Items that are dropped from enemies and bosses can be shared across different players. However if you save that item, it will no longer be tradable.

-Items such as Set pieces and special items that players get from bosses will not be shared and each player has their own individual chance of getting their own loot if they are close enough to the Boss when they die.


-New Custom Attack Speed (Max Attack Speed Without Bonus is .25)

(High based agility Heroes will uptain this attack speed with ease while other non agility heroes will not)

- New Attack Bonus Spells Added (Can Increase Speeds beyond .25)

-New Reforged items (Reforge now available at Forge)

-All New Terrain Layout and Textures

-New Sets Added Low Level and High Levels

-New Hiest Items added (More to come)

-New Temple added

-New Respawning System Added

-New Northern Mountain Zone

-New Level 400+ Cave with Flood

-New Abilities that lessen cooldowns of certain spells

-More Bonuses to spells on items

-New and Improved Prolog that can be activated anytime in Castle

-Frozen Waste New High Level Main Land area has active Cold Weather hurting anyone below level 100

-Northern Mountains Seperated into 3 Parts Low level , Medium Lvl, High Lvl.


Bug Fixes and Revamps

-All/most User Submitted Glitches Fixed

-Darklord Revamped Skills

-Added Berserka to Darklord Spells Book Abiility(First Attack Speed Increase ability)

-Added Reign of Hate to Darklord SpellBook Ability

-Increased Multishot skill on Darklord

-Replaced General's Commander Ability with Holy Jump Ability.

-Tooltips and Spell Damages fixed for Daemonic Light/Wings of Terror

-Portal of the Underworld Fixed (Necro Evolved)

-Potions of Explosion revamped and used from backpack

-On the Ocean Tide now has Attack Speed Song attached to it

-Switched all Attack Damage types to compensate for wc3 changes

-2 Types of Thorns:
Magic Thorns (Returns Spell Damage)
Regular Thorns (Ranged/Melee)

-Two Types of Resiliences:
Magic Resilience
Thorns Resilience

-Mosa Fishing Boss Custom Model switched to Default Naga Siren with Name Change

-Siren Battle Fixed, Use fishing rod to make vulnerable then attack and repeat.

-All Units in Daemonic Sword Cave Battle are now Hostile






Version 6.99e

-Killing Diablo Fixed

-Cerberus spawning fixed

-Mining Golem Added

-Graveyard Daemon Invulernable after fight fixed

-GMQ After first diablo fight Princess will warp to temple.

-Diablo can be killed again after first fight in GMQ (For EMQ Crossover on Killing Diabo)

Version 6.99b

-Simultaneous Damage (Arrows, Bonuses and upcoming Criticals) Fixed and working properly

-Second Stance Revamped to instant and fixed.

-Second stance arrow checking and Damage from Bow Fixed

-Removed Regular Arrow damage from Ranger with primary stance and added in double damage with Second Stance

-Arrow Recovery increased to 50% by default (Hunting Ability Increases it to 75%)

-Thorns and Thorns Aura and Aura of Oblivion(Thorns Aura) all fixed for Triggered Damage (Fixed Crashes)

-Smelt Ore and Smelt Orex10 Added (Smelts best ore straight from Backpack)

-Carbon Steel now requires 1 gold ore

-Nerfed Daemon(Evil) (After Graveyard Fights)

-Damien Boss Fight Crashes Fixed (Thorns Aura Bug)

-Teleport from Essence Boss Fight Fixed

-Some Npc Dmg nerfed

-Attack Speeds Lowered by a bit and readjusted for better performance and Balance

-Windwalk Dmg Fixed for all WindWalk Type Spells

-Windwalk will work while attacking.

-Throw Knife has animation now

-Assassins Aura cannot hurt while (Vanished)


Version 6.99a

-Revamped and Fixed a lot of Spells

-Merged the 2 Diablo Fights in Hell into 1

-New Individual Knockback Added

-Jump reduce to 1 second

- Spells that Jump will not cause units to ignore you

-Should not be able to get Stunned while Jumping

-The rest of the Breakable rocks fixed (Song of Brenellia)

-Angel Summons Fixed

-New Daemon Boss Fight (Revamped and wont dc Ranger)

-Tooltips fixed on items

-Gargolye unit height fixed

-Angel Summon location fixed

-Demon Storm Revamped

-Fury of Blades Fixed

-Pheonix of Gaia HP tooltip fixed

-Level 100 Novas grant extra Ring

Version 6.99

-Can pick up Main Quest Items

-Killer Instinct revamped

Version 6.98

-Fixed Issue with crashes when Return Damage vs Return Damage

-Fixed Summoners Summon Classification

-Fixed Summoners Void Walker Summons

-Fixed Summoner Auras and Spell not working on summons

-Fixed Ranger Dead Eye (Will slow down Target and not Knockback)

-Fishing Boat will no longer cost Souls

-Fixed Tooltip Issues not showing correct amounts or just 0

-Fixed Axe Bleed Effect

-Hopefully fixed being stunned while in the Air with Holy Thunder, Daemonic Blast, CrossShot.

(If not, I may have to make Invulnerable Frames for those attacks)

-Second Stance and Consumption of Arrows Fixed

-Water Temple Rock Chuck Fixed and replaced with new Rock Chunk

-Teleportation to House moved a bit

-Made Ingots bigger Model size

Version 6.97 Merry Christmas


-New Damage Detection System (Shows Damage and Type, as well as Healing for Both Mana/Life)

-New Abilities which interact with your Hero and Other Heroes

-Total Revamp of Most Spells

-New Summon unit System where Summons scale with your Hero.

-New Spell Damage (Reduced Damage of Spells early game, and improved upon them late game.)

-New MultiBoard (Shows all Stats and Skills for individual players)

-New Purchasable Abilities to learn from different NPCS which Save with Hero (More Purchasable Spells Coming Soon)

-New Soul Gathering from Bosses (Replaces Lumber)

-All Lumber Requirements turned into Gold Requirements

-Receive Gold from Lumber Mill instead of Lumber

-New Boss Fight Music (Daemon Boss Fights)

-More Optimized/Cleaner Spell Triggers

-New Terrain (More Coming Soon)

-New Extra Slots for Backpack (Double Carry Capacity)

-Nerfed Iron, Steel, Orc Item Classes



-All Hereoes can now Evolve at lvl 500

-Fishing will work for all players

-Boss respawn AntiCamp wont Kill backpack

-Removed Eternal Cross Ability and added bonus Life


-Rangers Dead eye shouldnt teleport enemies

-Summoners spells fixed and will count as summons

-Rangers Arrows usage fixed




-Summons tooltips created and fixed

-Multiboard loading, repick fixed

-Mosa should be fixed

-Health Potions 100K fixed




Version 6.93

-Supreme Stone and Wroung Iron Ingot was on same variable and is now fixed

-Mosa should get dmged each cast of Fishing Rod.

-User Submitted Glitches on the Forum all Fixed

-Pathing Issues Fixed due to smaller collision size

-Healing Spells Fixed

-Autosaving and Charged Items Should be Fixed

Version 6.92

-Orc Beast Spawning actually fixed now

-Revamping some Spells to Address beginning of Game (Work in Progress)

-Mosa fishing Boss fixed (but not perfected yet)

-Reduced lag and fixed colour on Primus Magus Boss

-House Quest 3-4 Fixed

-Dragon Princess Golden Soveriegn Fixed

Version 6.91a

-Cluster Rockets Spells wont be homing (New apparently)

-Reduced Cluster Rocket Spells Amount


-Summoners Ultimate Fixed

-Spells not doing damage if you run away quickly after you cast spell fixed

-Sorceress Might of Elements Fixed

-Orc Beast Spawn Fire Mountain

-Optimizing Spells so they wont crash you

Version 6.90

-Housing 32 Fixed (Rope)

-Elephant respawn and Power fixed

-Succubus wont warp around as much

-Black Citadel Switches Revamped

-All items after use will have to wait 60 seconds before being droppable again

-Initial Loot Drops Fixed

Version 6.89a

-6.89a Fixed Song Trigger

-Fixed alot of Abilities

-Optimized Abilities (Reduced Lag/Desync Errors)

-Ranger attack fixed

Version 6.87

-Purchase Land now works from Advisor lvl 0 House

-Fixed Rope with House Quest

-Added in new Units to Desert

-Charged items will be put back on Hero when Autosave / Save occurs

-Cinematic Camera for inital Quests fixed

-Intial Tutorial Removed

-Optimized Arrow and Second Stance Trigger

Version 6.86a/6.85a


-Fixed Lumber Mill Investment House Quests

-Fixed House Exit Issue

-Pickaxe Hotkey set from R to T

-Lowered Fira Guards Acquisition Range


-House Lvl 43 Fixed

-Damage Auras Fixed

-MetaMorph Fixed

-Lumber Investment income fixed

-Arcane Mages Hotkeys

Version 6.84

-Selling items fixed and will give proper amount

-Black Virolia and Fountain fixed (Assassin's Guild)

-Stash Fixed (will send to inside new house)

Version 6.82/6.83

The version you've all been waiting for!


-22 Player Maximum Added

-Able to pick same Hero as other Players

-Huge Housing Level Revamp

-Maximum Level increased to 500

-Decreased Attribute Growth per level by 2 points

-Difficulty Increases and Decreases 10%MAX HP with amount of players playing

-Experience increases and decreases 5% with amount of players playing

-End Bosses have increased attributes

-Some Heroes Spells Revamped

-Alot of Spells Revamped for MUI purposes

-Heroes now have smaller collision Size

-3D Camera Fixed and works alot better

-Knockback Added to spells (More to come)

-Lumber Mill and Purchasing Businesses Revamped Into Investments

-Investments save with Housing Levels

-Travelling Mage Added back in (Used for Investments)

Other Fixes

-Assassins Guild Quest fixed (Fountain)

-Aborption fixed (wizard)

-User Submitted gltiches fixed

-Fixed some Tooltips (More tooltips will be fixed later)


Special thanks for Aitz for helping with testing.



Version 6.81

A small number of Spells may be glitched as I am revamping them, just let me know if you have any problems. Thanks.


-EMQ cam issue fixed

-Revamped Bonuses to Wizard

-Fixed a Couple Major Glitches

-Removed Tournament and Arena vs for now until I revamp with new Player Slots

-Fixed Cameras for cinimatics

-Fixed Generals Abilties Killing him

-Patrol Command completely Removed (No more Patroling in Daemonic Sword)

-Auto Saving will no longer stop hero or any units

-Altar will Decrease Renown for EMQ

-1 Mini Boss in WT

-Land Deed Replaced with House Objective Ping

-Tooltips regarding Enchanting Stone Experience Fixed



Updating/Revamping Triggers to accommodate more Player Slots.

Version 6.78

-Camera Rotation Fixes

-Spell Hotkeys Fixed

-Bonuses on set killing hero Fixed

Version 6.75-6.77

New Models for Reaper(Evo), Vampire, Warrior, Paladin, General, Ranger, Necromancer, Almighty, Thaerion

-New Third Person Camera Mode (Inside Hero Skills)

-Hero Skills on Meta Revert hopefully fixed

-Revamped Evo Sorc to have Elenova

-EMQ New Starting Quest Fixed

-Lockpicking Cooldown Shortened to 30

-Dynamic Unit Creation Fixed

-Minor Bug Fixes

-Fishing Glitch Fixed

Added Cinamatic Camera to Beginning of MAIN QUESTS (More to come)

Version 6.74


-Reduced Lag

-Dynamic Hostile Unit Creation/Removal System (Started)

Version 6.71


-Revamped Arcane Nova, and Frost Nova. New Ring Dmg + Knock Back

-Removed Disposition. Renown will now effect loading as different alignments

-Reworked Renown Exp Given

-Revamped Deaths Abilities (Made him more Powerful)

-Added in 6 New "End Game" SETS

-Added in "GALE" Exquisite Item (ENDGAME)

-Essence have small chance of dropping Supreme Stones

-Primus Magus Stronger

-Item Removal Revamped and will be quicker

-Revamped some Abilities to cast faster

-Item drops from Bosses fixed

-Colour of Quest Pings

-Haven Cloud Boss Fight revamped


Version 6.66

-Golden Boots Fixed

-Skill Abilities Requirements unlocks added

-Assassin Guild Tunnel fixed

-Fence in Alexandria Tavern Fixed

-Couple tooltips fixed

Version 6.63

-Forgotten One Glitch Fixed

-Lockboxes Going Vulnerable fixed

-Fixed Wrath of Nature (New Wizard Spell)

-Fixed Couple Balancing issues

-Added New Trees

-Hide will no longer drop 100% from creatures



Version 6.60a

-All New Icons added for most Abilities

-Holy Bolt Dmg Fixed

-Heavenly Rain Fixed

-Summoner Model Changed

-Wizards Model changed

-Revamped item lvls Orc 10, Royal 20, Diamond 35, Chrono 50

-Lockpicking will no longer disappear on lockboxes/chests

-Revamped Desert North Area (Move activity)

-Added Dune Bugs to Middle Desert Area

-Pirate Bay should be neutral to Both Good/Evil



Version 6.57/6.58

-Reworked Almighty boss to be less crashy

-Level 20 Requirement on respawn on Pirate Bay

-Ice staff Revamped and should to named "Icy staff" not frost bot

-Guild Ping locations fixed

-Mage Guild Masters will not turn vulnerable

-Death (Black Citadadel) will not warp away

-Heaven Level Requirement now 200



Version 6.53/6.54/6.55/6.56

(Sorry I havnt responded on the Forum Lately, I have been reading them however. )

-Assassin's Guild Entrance used with Ancient Key

-3 new enchanted Supremacy Items added

-Thievery Glitches Fixed

-Ramoria House Door Removed

-Various Glitches

-Revamped Thaerion Drop items.

-Black Citadel Level Requirement moved from 100 to 200

-Black Citadel Creatures increased in strength and Level

-Revamped Thaerion Drops



Version 6.52a

-Super Nagator Necronomicon will now ressurect inside Nagator's Chamber

-Super Nagator/Nagator should have same dynamic Fight

-Super Nagator Stats increased

-Nagators Drops fixed / improved

-Improved Nagator's Set Stats to 6500 Stats and added Athletics 1000

-Darklord and Wizard Special Effects should get removed

-Thieves Guild Level 6 fixed

-Thieves Guild Quest Help Added to Edmunson and QoS

-Multiple Spawning units in BC thievery Area fixed

-Hostile Units that turn invulnerable will eventually turn vulnerable again

-Dogs will not escape house

-Can now Hold Essences and Key of Sevens in Hero inventory

-Death while lockpicking will result in failure



Version 6.50a

-Fixed Discord Channel on loading Screen/In game

-Fixed Market Animal Drops and added more to purchase.

-Added Sabertooths to Mystic Mountains

-Added Nether Dragons to Mystic Mountains



Version 6.49

-EMQ Acolyte Fight should be fixed

-Removed some useless items to clear up some space

-Removed Golden Token

-Reworked some Tooltips



Version 6.48b

-Void Boss Portal Fixed

-Golden Guild Quest Fira Church Abysinnal Fixed

-Added Game Tips: (work in progress)



Version 6.47

-Removed Pickaxes and Guitar Requirements from Houses and being able to be Created or Bought

(They will be reworked into new items down the Road)

-Woto can be saved

-Virtuoso will now display correct abilities of Songs

-Song Requirements listed properly

-Reworked some of acolyte EMQ So you can skip the Boat or if you bring your 50 medallion to the altar first.

-Reworked Field of Fira. Moved Orcs up onto mountaintop more.

-Added Feral Boars to Field of Fira


-Fixed Ice / Fire Region Locations fixed.

-More Dmg per Song on Primus

-Primus should hit a little harder



Version 6.46

-Pedestals wont delete items

-Last Void Force Wall Replaced with Void Crystal

-Use and Use quickly Options fixed will now work properly.

-Diablos and Almighty Essence will drops from all Fights

- Orc Beasts Added to Field of Fira

-Reworked Intro Dialog to be a little shorter

-3 New Altars Floods Added



Version 6.45

-Use Quickly on Thieves Guild Trap Door will now work at lvl 1 Thieves Guild.

-Super Nova fixed

-Seven Hells Fixed

-Arcanic Dust Fixed

-Undead Feast Fixed

-Animate Dead from amulet wont cast invulnerability.

-Soulless wave Should be fixed

-Mysterious Amulet new location is Brenellia Forest Church Tooltip fixed

-Hell Switch Fixed

-Void Switches Fixed

-Added many more spawn locations for Lockboxes and Chests



Version 6.44

-Giant Void Crystals should get removed now

-Ahlgoreh entrance fixed

-Soulless Drops now work



Version 6.43a

-Items Wont be removed randomly when acquired or dropped

-Fallen lighting Fixed

-Grand Chests will be lockpickable

-Can Purchase Cow Slaves



Version 6.42 EMQ Diablo should proceed to make pillar vulnerable.



Version 6.41a

-Golden Guild Quest Fixed with Fence Dialog, and different wave attacks

-Forgotten will show up when you free him until he shouldnt be there anymore.

-Exit on Ahlgoreh and Abyssinal Fixed

-Bartenders selling tavern will now work properly and with House Quest

-Portal to Ramoria Graveyard Fixed

-Changed some Healing Spells to "H" Hotkey

-Auto will toggle Autosave now

-Portals wont cast frost on you

-Souless One can now be summoned multiple times inside Arena of Gods with 750 Souls

-Other Usersubmitted Glitches



Version 6.40

-All Spells Optimized and should not cause as much lag. (there may be some timing issues to work out still)

-Reduced overall unit count on map

-Decreased Respawn Timers (Some have no timer)

-Nagator Fight fixed and rebalanced (less zombies)

-Reduced Doodad count

-House Animals will no longer Respawn

(Phasing out Animals creation in house in favour of something better and less unit cost)

-Arena Hero Battle under construction and no longer available for the next couple of versions.

(Get Soul Collector in Survival)

-Less Doodads on map (still at 25k+)

-Random extra Spawns reduced and removed more frequently.

-Almighty Glitch Fixed

-Removed Undead Orcs

-Revamped some Boss Item Drops (Less Lag)



Version 6.38

-Various Balancing Fixes

-Diablo Dropped Fixed

-Various Bug Fixes

-Column and Rope will now work properly

-Thieves Guild Entrance fixed

-Various Optimizing



Version 6.37a,b

-Reduced Mana cost on levelable Spells

-Various Bug Fixes

-Brenellian Forest Bear Cave Entrance added

- Various Balancing

-Diablos will respawn now expect during final GMQ

-Diablo (EMQ) switched to Hell Dungeon after Boss Door located with the HATCH

-Removed Becoming DIABLO / ALMIGHTY Stat Bonus (Due to its cheap and balancing/ pvp)

-Nagator Set can now be wielded

-Dragon Reaper/Death Summon Buffed and added to certain items for more buffs



Version 6.35-6.36

-Better Optimization on unit creation

-Ancient Key will work for Ancient Ruins Door

-Ancient Key will work for Underworld Door

-Touch of Sage removed from units where it did not belong

-Fixed Black Citadel Spawns

-Grands Chests only created when boss is defeated with +75 thievery

-Fixed Alliance Changing glitch from last version

-Windwalk fixed



Version 6.30

-Guild Quests Added (Not Fished Yet)


-All new thievery skills added to aid in HEISTS

-New Hiest Locations Added complete at any time.

(Areas where you can only use Thievery Skills)

-New item ROPE added crafted from arboris fumo.

-Cages and Hatches Added with lockpicking


-ALL new Temple/Area added called the Void

-Use songs to defeat certain enemies.

-Boss PrimusMagnus Boss added to the Void.

-Warp songs and other songs revamped into more useful abilities


-Business Dialog Revamped into Repeatable Skill Quests

-Bounty Dialog fixed with Bounty or Assassination Choices.

-Wanted Dialog added on several new units which can give you skill experience

-Added in 20-30 new locations to enter and explore/heist.

-Added in 40+ "Floods" where you will battle with massive amounts of units gaining huge experience

NEW or Revamped BOSSES

-Giant Infernal

-Diablo Evil

-Mosasaurus (+50 Fishing)


-Dragon King



-No longer use Pickaxe Items (Use Pickaxe Ability from backpack)

-All New Mystic Mountains replaced just north west of Fira City.

-New units added

-All new Houses and Buildings to Enter.

-Fixed Glitches Posted from Forum

-Darklords Abilities Fixed

-Tooltips and Hotkeys should all line up in skills

-Nagator Set Added

-BOTO Added



Version 6.28

-Damage aura spells fixed

-Golden Guild Dialog Button Fixed

-Fixed Glitches with Character Selection

-Added Information for Heroes before picking them

-Shortened Tutorial and removed useless information.



Version 6.24/6.25/6.26a/6.27


-New Character Selection System Added (Simply Select your Hero)

-Total Revamp of Saving, picking, loading, screening processes into MUI.

(Removes thousands of lines of coding with all revamped systems)

-Demon of Darkness Mini Boss fight added

-Grim Reaper Mini Boss Fight added

-Darklord improved on a couple aspects

-Little intro added to Daemonic heroes when they start the game.


-Golden Guild Joining Fixed and only available from Guild Master.

-Spawns boats further from the Pirate Bay so when you change alliances they wont be destroyed

-Fixed various issues caused by new Character selection.

-Peons vulnerable

-Orc Fortress exit fixed

-Backpack following system revamp again

-Random Invulnerable units will turn vulnerable

-Killer Instinct Invulnerable glitch fixed

-Ultimate Arrow will not allow you to cast other spells.



Version 6.23

-Moved Lumber Mills to various Locations around the map.

-Reduced the Maximum amount of Shedders to 2

-Reduced Maximum Amounts of Peasants to 5

-Tutorial system added

-FireLord Dynamic Boss Fight Added

-Zorl Dynamic Boss Fight Added

-Fixed house loading glitches with (Gray,Brown, lightblue Colours)

-Fixed other various glitches

-Tooltips for most Main Abilities Revamped to Show exact Damage at specific Level.



Version 6.22/6.21

-Backpacks will follow all heroes regardless of -repick

-Reviving bug fixed

-Vampire/Bandits will no longer imprison you.

-Wizards New spell Added

-Couple of Glitches in Golden Guild Questline Fixed (Still work in progress for Guilds)



Version 6.20a

-Wizard chain lightning replaced with Nature Strike

-Removed Dragon Blast and Dragon Rage from wizard

-Lowered Vampires Attack and raised lvl

-Raised Ancient Ghouls lvl

-Reworked Volcania lil bit on wizard Should show up but hopefully not lag

-Vaults wont go through the door and block

-Removed Quests for GOLDEN GUILD SET as I have replaced it but havnt completed it and there are a major glitches that I wanted to fix

(give me a couple more days for the Golden Guild Quest)

-EMQ Footman battle fixed

-Shipyard in Water Temple wont be sold

-Spider Queen Fight Revamped lil bit

-Adjusted AI Attack priority with summoned units

-Lowered Scorpiums and Dune Crawlers Attack and Health and adjusted lvl

-Evolved Ranger should be able to save

-Darklords Net will add gold not set it too 500

-Fence vision glitch fixed


-Removed all previous Quests from Golden Guild and revamped with new Savable Quests.

Still work in progress however I needed to update due to some major glitches.



Version 6.19

(This includes 6.18a and 6.18)


-Merged all User Forces into Daemonic Heroes

-Added wisps for all User Players

-Added General, Death, Darklord, Vampire to Hero Character selection

-Added -repick for all Players

-All Players can pick any Hero and repick at anytime

-Pedestals now changed to Altar


-All heroes can simply switch alliances with the Kingdom or Darkhaven by going to one

of the many altars in the game.

-Starting New will start good Heroes with Disposition of 50 and for evil Heroes 0

-Loading a Hero with disposition lower than 35 will load as evil regardless of character

-Pray added to Altar to increase / Decrease Disposition depending on your alliance

(Note Some Saves such as General did not previously have 50 disposition can will load as evil)


-Necrox lvl increase fixed

-Apocalyptica lvl req set to 325

-Evil Quest Main Quest after artifact Battle increased

-Couple Typos fixed

-Removed Bandit from Boat creation EMQ

-Increase Random Ore gather rate from 1-3 to 1-5 ore gathered per swing.



Version 6.17

Happy New Years! Some of the glitches listed below have been fixed in 6.15/6.16 however they were not labled.

-Cleave Glitched fixed

-Necrox Summoning Fixed

-Damien wont disappear

-Feed Counter based on Hunting Skill

-Sorc Buff tooltip fixed

-Reviving should cancel Fly

-Potion Cost Fixed

-Gem of Time Fragments specifically dropped

-Switched Windwalked to earlier stage in casting

-Infernal/Chrono/Diamond Staff of Magic now enchantable

-Arboris Fumo Backpack Healing glitch fixed (with 1 stock left)

-Buff stating specific information now set to more generic

-Ancient Helm enchanting fixed

-Various Tooltips fixed

-Infernal Staff Left hand req

-Glaive of Shadows nerfed

-Feed learn tooltip added

-Hornstuck tooltip fixed

-Fingers of Death tooltip fixed (works for both alliances now)

-Key of Sevens #2 ownership fixed

-Shorted Volcanica Spell to 1 wave and nerfed it a bit

-TrueShot/Perfectionist Attacked Damage Doubled 25-50, 50-100

-Lowered Mana Cost on Rangers Abilities.



Version 6.15/6.16

Hello Aggain fans, sorry i have been off for a while again. Here is a new update with promises of more to come in the new year.

Happy New Year everyone

-Revamped Terrain and merged all islands together with the main land.

(This will allow more space to build more terrian for the future.

-Lowered Respawn times for all Hostile Units (More action)

-Raised amount of Units get created in pretty much all areas

-Ramoria Seige will now no longer wait for previous portal enemies to be defeated.'



Version 6.14a CUSTOM SPELLS

Hell fans I have taken some time from the last


Version to really revamp a good majority of Heroes and their abilities. I have renamed, rebranded, and even recreated a lot of spells both old and new. Each Heroes spellbook will be organized and each hero will have a respective ultimate spell. Tooltips will have more information, and will be easier to understand.

I have taken the time to test these spells to make sure they are in working order. I will continue to keep updating all the Heroes and stay tuned for more items and quests coming soon. I really hope you enjoy these new spells as they really help bring your hero to life.


-Death Nova fixed

-added more units in the initial desert

-Evil Main quest |c9ff000 fixed

-Lowered random encounter timer.


-Revamped Abilities of Majority of Heroes

-Created custom spell levelable skills and spellbook spells.

-All Heroes have an Ultimate Ability

-Spellbooks hotkeys all fixed

-Spellbooks organized

-Hotkeys and Colour scheme set for spells

-Huge Evil Hero overhaul


-Gain Almighty's Stat Boost by going into his boss room with Almighty's Set

-Stat boost for both Diablo/Almighty have been nerf to 7500 major stat, 2500 minor.

-Revive Bug Should now be fixed

-Backpack wont cast abilities when hero is dead

-Insta Death on Dark Guardian Fight fixed

-Hammer of Time left handed icon

-Mages Guild Master and Arch Mage removed wander

-Tooltip on Deamonic Wings sorten, hopefully shows enchantment requirements

-QuestF9 rewritten

-Last enchantment of newbae wings ownership fixed



Version 6.13


-Moved king inside his Castle

-Flash Strike Added for Assassin and ShadowBlade

-Revamped alot of SpellBook Spells/Abilities giving them same names with levels

-Revamped Tooltips for spells to make more sense, (more to the point)

(Work in progress)

-Added Scrolls and Maps to the Item drop System

-Return Scrolls and Maps to proper Guild to increase Skills

-Revamped Hell a lil bit (compressing it a bit better)


-Hell chests wont disappear

-Less charge Loot will drop in boss fight

-Doubled amount of charges on boss loot that does drop

-Hunting Ping for Key of the one will be purple

-Back priority set to 0, summoeners/necros set to 1

-Wings of Newbae Tooltip enchantment section hopefully visible



Version 6.12

-Wings of newbae Tooltip Should now diplay enchanting requirements

-Experience Text for Dying fixed

-Ancient Ghouls Fixed

-LIghtning Storm will now cast 2 waves of dmg

-Whirl Wind will revamped

-Might of Elements ending fixed

-Set of first mage tooltip added athletics

-Song of Brenellia with upgraded attribute quests fixed

-Sandman must be dead to upgrade ultimate item

-Reverted Save text file removed lvl (Sorry)

-Fixed Bribe (Cant make Gold off of it anymore)

-Hotkeys changed for dialog options

-Vanguards chest fixed

-Absorbtion will now deal damage per attack

-Pickaxe should have pickaxe in hand

-Hero Aggro priority changed summoners and necro lowered further than str/int



Version 6.11

-Housing Chests will now be specifically placed

-Gods Item Exchange Fixed

-Ashhorn Dragon King Fixed

-Removed Laggy triggers and generic unit timers (Less Lag)

-Dark Guardian Sight Range

-Hot keys on some dialog tooltips

-Pickaxe now Right Handed Class (No More double Pickaxe)

-Arcane Armegedon now twice as fast

-Might of Elements Aoe tighter with added final blast

-Always Revive in Revival Spot

-Lowered Titan Form CD on General/Darklord

-Nerfed All Mana Shields

-Claws of Darkness mana cost lowered

-Eternal Dragon can hit debris and switches

-Mages Master wont walk through walls

-Increase drop charges on Angels Feather / Demon Crystal

-All Wings of Newbae now must be enchanted to be upgraded

-Item removal timer Raised***

-Gars Respawn timer lowered

-Illusions will no longer get exp/gold/items in GMQ/EMQ

-Gem of Eternity Tooltip 2000 Intel upgrade



Version 6.10

-Reviving with Sorceress Pheonix should now work along with glitchy reviving

-Repicking and evolving shouldnt mess with Alignments

-Paladin can heal himself again

-Daemonic Sword only given to users

-Some rings are labelled one per Hero (Ring Class coming soon)

-Reworked Cosmicus, should be smaller, deals a bit more dmg

-Gods Shield, Book of Dragons, GMQ Keys and other campaign items wont get removed from item removal

-Capture(Dark Lord) - Will not convert peasents however kill them and grant you gold

-Capture will still Capture Heroes

-Peasent/Shedder refund with be proper

-Healing wards shouldnt heal Neutrals (Bosses in a freeze/pause state)

-Unholy Aura on Nerco spellbook placement fixed

-All bows added to Switching Stance

-Pig Skin ratio fixed

-Leather more expensive

-Enchantments fixed

-Dragon Egg revert item ownership fixed

-lots of little things




Version 6.09

Sorry Ive been busy with work and other things... I did not realize reviving was broken I apologize. Summer is a busy time for me.

Reviving is fixed



Version 6.08

Please Also Read from 6.00 update if just downloading for first time since 6.00

-Prompt to resave lowered from 85 characters to 84

-Assassin House special Effect for warp fixed

-Moved arcane mages chests up a bit

-Dragon King hopefully wont disappear or run

-Legendary dragon set requires Daemonics Dragon Ring (Noted in Book now)

-House quest lvl 35 Iron - Gold Typo fixed

-Ring of the Arena lvl req 80 to 100

-Backbackping colours fixed



Version 6.07

Please Also Read from 6.00 update if just downloading for first time since 6.00

-Revamped pickpocketing (now able to pickpocket anyone regardless of lvl)

-All Forum User Submitted Glitches:

-Portal from Heaven to Haven Cloud fixed

-Key of Seven (7) Arena spawn fixed

-Added 2 Second Cooldown to Songs. (Can no longer spam songs, there is a cheat bot for it which ruins the game)

(Sorry at least its not an item anymore :P)

-Housing Quest nic will spawn for evil

-Necro Corpses tooltip changed

-Periodic Zombies/Skeletons will get removed

-Enchant mistakes listed will be fixed or added

-Removed Alchemy from Hero (Shouldnt have been there)

-Fixed some tooltip typos

-Magic Shield fixed

-Necro summons fixed

-(MAGES GUILD STOPS AT QUEST 3) once glitches are mainly cleared ill start working on it again. I plan on making guilds the primary source of Skill experience so try not to complain to much if you dont get the experience you need just yet.



Version 6.06

Please Also Read from 6.00 update if just downloading for first time since 6.00

-Tracker colour for key fixed

-Desert Warp Fixed

-Chapters b,c fixed

-Corpses revamped and better

-Forum glitches submitted fixed

-Dragons heart will drop less often

-Some Tooltips revamped



Version 6.05/6.04

Please Also Read from 6.00 update if just downloading for first time since 6.00

-Set of the First mage will be combined at fusion shop

-Removed temple of First Mage. (I will rebuild a better one with a boss fight)

-Cross of Fate tooltip fixed to 75

-Al goreh will spawn properly

-Arena Run/Exit works

-Life Stream Elemental can be fused at anytime

-EMQ Return with Forgottens Set with work

-Demon Hunter Cerberus summoned fixed

-Infernal pickaxe added to the Forge

-All new periodic attacks and ambushes

-Hostiles placed all around brenellia for you to ambush periodically

-New Periodic pathing and units and random timers

-Quest Dialog Skip now has a very low lvl req attached (you can still -skip)

-Reworked Black Citadel Shade Digging area

-Antonidas will be outside of hell and trigger outside of hell

-Princess moved up just ahead of the Ancient Giant Gate

-25 Renown added to lvl 75 house

-Gain Renown experience by doing different quests, mission and arena

-Teleport wont gain you as much experience

-Teleport glitches and text fixeed

-Both EMQ and GMQ will have a quest objective in f9 Main Quest Section

-Each Quest will be more defined in that section and easier to understand

-Pings Fixed from backpack

-Mining Lag hopefully fixed

-Loot glitches fixed

-Damien is now weaker

-Dragons Hearts will drop from dragons now

-Arrows will state ranger bonus with them

-Wraith nerfed

-Hell and Black Citadel Text Requirements changed to 100 (Sorry)



Version 6.03

Please Also Read 6.00 update if just downloading for first time since 6.00

-Skip will now trigger an on/off dialog skipping option on GMQ EMQ and GoldenGQ so far...

-Training Speechcraft will work

-Minor Text Glitches

-lvl 20 to enter Tower of Death and lvl 100 to enter both hell and BC

(Sorry for confusion)

-Amulet of shielding bought from Traveling Merchant with fixed name

-Fixed command list to not include -saveb anymore



Version 6.01/6.02

Please Also Read 6.00 update if just downloading

-Zorl will work properly

-Acolytes missions give opportunity to capture villagers

-Summoner's Presence Buff switched

-Mages Guild moved and set to neutral for both parties

-Mages Guild Quest Started

-Advisor Quests revamped and now give hunting experience

-Enchanting Pedestal will now have train speechcraft

-King's Potion added to alchemy

-Gain experience for foraging at lower lvls

-Lowered experience gained from songs

-Added speechcraft experience to Mages Guild Quests

-Implemented Two New CPU FACTIONS

-Undead Shouldnt run away hopefully anymore.



Version 6.00 - COPEWIDE (Must start new from this version)


There has been a cope wipe. Reasons explained in Daemonic post.

(I do apologize but there is also good news)


-Save to .txt file added. (When you save, it will create a .txt file and automatically write your code for you) (PC Only probably)

-Hero Codes and Bank Codes are now Bound.

(You must load those same codes, trying to load different bank codes will result in failure)

(This prevent item duplication)

-A lot of Items have been revamped and nerfed to balance out the gameplay and item creation

-All enchantments will be listed right on the item iteself (No more guessing)

-Changed a lot of fusions to enchantments

-Added new -statistics which are going to be created soon

-No more diablo orb from Acolyte

-Gambling wont give you sets or crazy items, but still really good items

-Medallions now worth gold

-Changed names and abilities of a lot of items

-Added some new -skills and icons

-2 Diablo pieces from Set

-Changed lvl req on ultimates

-Angelic Wings / Demon Crystals are now charged

-Kings potion now in alchemy

-No experience in arena

-Renown somewhat added

-Different way to get almightys set and his power

- "!" for forage

-Lots of Unit/Item/skill Balancing

-Changed location of vampire House and Demon Hunters



Version 5.74


-TAN LEATHER (Back now able to create leather from Pelts on the Go)


(New system will not save -skill Experience anymore thus shortening the code)

(New Features will be implemented instead in upcoming



-Good Main Quest will continue past opening the Hell Gate with the three keys

-Good Main Quest will not feature the 3 general revival quest (removed)

-Alchemist Journey Set made into 2 parts

-Super Essence Hydra wont spawn as many tentacles

-Removed entering Graveyard boss warning

-Buying Ingots removed as it caused major lag spikes

-Alchemy with enchanting stones now require 1 iron ore

-Alchemy location glitch fixed

-Evil/ General typing - should be fixed

-Created stones are now owned by you

-Hostile Wizards attack lowered and given some spells

-Entrance of Tower of Dead lowered to lvl 20

-Lowered Daemonic Acolytes Healing capabilities

-Lowered summon count of Damien

-Athletic Buff Icon fixed for Ranger

-Meteorite more expensive

-Tiger Shark less dmg

-More armor on ships

-Moved around City of Fira a little bit

-Overhead of Advisor will now have ! again

-Thievery into Black Citadel will work again

-Multiple text on Evil Main Quest Gold

-Fixed 3rd generals regular attack a little bit

-Kingdom legacy set was glitch and has Op life regen on it (Fixed)



Version 5.70 - 5.73


-Loading Hero user interface Changed!!!

-You will now only use "-" before your Hero Code

Example: -43ds-34fd-34fs-765d-####


-Nagator fight made a lil easier with healing, tornados will now do dmg

-Fixed issued with main quest not continuing due to zorl, and vampire quests.

-Fixed some cheating bugs and glitches

-Item Requirement Trigger fixed (Stopped working)

-Addressed Bank Loading, and hopefully fixed any stuck banks

-Ghost of damned created in right place

-Vampire/3rd General are repeatable

-Resummoning of Daemon/Nagator Repeatable


-Guitar part of skills and no longer an item

-Revamped Good Main Quest

(Better Dialog, Better Quests, Better Rewards)

-Boss Fight Mechanics added to all Nearly all bosses

Examples: Hell Generals, Daemon, Acolyte, Resurrection Bosses, Lazar, Soulless, Some Essence Bosses

-New Skills added to Skill section with more organization

-Teleportation Skills added to skills

-Foraging switched to Backpack

-Alchemy, Foraging, and Stash Abilities added to backpack

-Materials stock gain increases in Mining, Fishing, Foraging, and Hunting with higher skills levels

(Can obtain more stock per event)

-Mining Revamped and made easier,

-Less Hooks with Fishing

-Key of Sevens Mysterious Amulet Quests Revamped.

-Changing K/D Ration to Disposition/ Renown. (HAVE NOT FULLY ADDED IT IN)

-Removed Trolls

-Added more foraging spots for more evil and good locations

-1 Big Abomination

-250 souls for Legendary Daemonic Sword

-Lots of New areas and things making the game more exciting and balanced.


-Witness by Guards fixed

-Assassin Guild Quests Fixed

-Daemonic Spiders added back in

-Shipyard added to darkhaven

-Mining Store in Darkhaven

-Cosmiscus ID tag fixed

-Treasury will have life regen and repeating invulnerable trigger(Bandaid Patch)

-locking failure will be reduced to almost never failing

-Blizzard type spells should work

-Daemonic Bolt on General will work

-Bleed should be fixed

-Potion of Paralysis should be fixed

-Cooldown on eternal life set to 30 second

-Giant Skeleton on nerco will get removed when summoning another

-Magic Nova and Arcane mages abilities should be correct

-Rangers abilities and attack with certain bows fixed



Version 5.67


-Loading Banks Revamped:

(You will now use "-b " before your bank Code)

(Previous Bank Codes will have 50% less stock)

-Bank Codes hopefully more stable


-Use Alchemist Book to learn of Fusions

-Alchemist Book total revamp and will be very detailed

-Golden Helm of Medallions fused at Alchemist Hutem drop system added to Persuasion and Pickpocket

-Teleportations that didnt work will now work

- Arc Angels respawn

-Pickaxe mining lag

-Virtuoso - Song of Awakening and Fira

-Newbae wings aura ability will only effect self.

-Item Stats and Tooltip fixed

-Item Descriptions fixed

-Made a lot of the specific text, into generic text due to text memory issue

-Ping for Wizards House fixed

-Amanita Virolia Tooltip

-Diamond Shield of Power

-Knights and Royal Legionary added to convince Rooster

-House Quest 8 dialog fixed

-Heal hotkey set to T

-arrow forging text

-thieves Guild investment 31-32, 41-42

-Buildings producing food fixed

-Ancient/Draconian bows added to stocks

-Removed Rifle men/ Mortars, Hot keys rearraged inside barracks

-Dragon Bones replenish time fixzed

-House lvl 50-51 fixed

-Black Virolia Housing restock fixed

-All Villagers will be lvl 1

-Wizards Spellbook and hotkeys proofed and Reorganized

-Smelt Gold switched to Forge

-Swords of angels tooltip fixed

-Maximum of 2 Bandit Slaves/nic

-Bandit Mill in Darkhaven invulnerable

-Wall tooltips revamped

-Cancellations set to 75% for all

-Entering Ghost Ship Fixed Revamped (Guild quest is not finished... I will work on it soon)

-Housing 33-34 Typo

-Glitch with housing accepting items should be fixed

-Removed Zodiac from Nagator

-Arena Survival Spiders fixed

-Williams Mass Proofreading :)

-Tooltips for lots of purchasing of units fixed and revamped from default

-Library / Hell Diablo's Lair Warp fixed

-Halo Ability will not grant speed bonus only life regen

-Sword of Angels Spell only 4 waves

-Essence of time fixed and quest description added for all essences

-Royal fleet and Assassins Guild Quested Revamped and Leak proof

-God's Areana Pathing

-Bows of power recognized by Ranged (Sorry)

-Animals Hunted will drop invulnerable items

-Missing models when certain items dropped on ground fixed

-Rangers Skills proofed/revamped

-Luck/Prayer requirements added for killing units

-Housing lvl 9-10 text fixed

-Exit from Angel Scroll Fortress Fixed

-Guard in house wont leave

-Infinitas Cinimatic Rebalanced

-Silentium ore fixed

-Rangers decor placements for house



Version 5.66

-Smelter added beside each Forge and in house.

-Good Main Quest - Diablo 1st Fighht should freeze during midway dialog. If he doesnt let me know asap.

-Nic the Builder will be saved with Housing

-A Peasant that looks like they are inside a house were removed.

-Celestial Orb Tooltip fixed to state 100 Orbs

-Persuasion on Gruun fixed / other lvls of that type

-House Safes shouldnt looked messed up. (Let me know)

-Generals Arena Statue shouldnt be inside a wall

-Hero's dog wont escape and will dialog with you (as inteded long ago)

-Thievery Skill should open Black Citadel

-Tavern Dialog fixed with "Already Purchased"

-Fletching Leather Requirement Removed

-Bartender/InnKeeper pickpocket fixed

-Song Warp Text Fixed

-Housing Level 9 Dialog Fixed

-Crafting Master Potion requirements Fixed

-Arc Angels that are summoned will count as a summoned unit

-Necro Refill chest will load in proper house

-Luck/Prayer will work with non Hero units

-Golden Compass Revamped

-Trout now able to purchase, frogs also

-Fixed user submitted Game Typos

-Fixed Return Gold with Maximum Shedders

-Increased Maximum shedders to 5 for house



Version 5.65

-Housing Level 69 Fixed

-Housing Level 14-21 Fixed

-Item Requirements should be fixed

-Fixed message "Stats reset" to player only

-Choose Ones Set raised to 8K

-Daemonic's Set will Give Max Athletics

-Dragon King's Helm of Nexacus revamped to suit mana Hero's more

-Karanamour Ingot dropping system added depending on your Forging Level

-Legendary Dragon's Set Fusion Text

-Fishing experience raised for catching all types of fish

-Soul Quest Tooltip added

-Removed Gnolls and Desert Wolves from Game

-Expanded Gars and added couple More Gars

-Void Corrupters No mana

-Virtuoso should so all text now

-WT Boss key is Sellable

-Crown of Deathlord Armor Fixed

-Tooltip and stats fixeds on various listed Items

-Ice Block Lightning Boots Items

-5 Second Notice Item Removal

-Tavern Prize Dialog fixed

-Dog and Gems spawning too earlier in house

-Baby Tiger Shark Description Fixed

-White Light Set to "T" Hot Key

-Bandit's Gem moved to a House (I will be removing most of these "REGION" subquest in later


Version in favour of "Dialog" Quests)



Version 5.64a

-Banks will now save forging skill and replace Forging skill of Heroes when loaded back up.

(Make sure you save your banks and Hero together when working on Forging Skill)(This is to prevent Ingot Duping)

-House levels 14, 15, 16, 17 all fixed

-House level 75 fixed and change to Hat

-Forging Training added to Forge

-Fletching added to Forge

-Fishing will now grant regular experience to Hero each catch

-Fishing Hook requirement reduced to catch a fish

-Alchemy/Crafting will produce more Potions and grant higher fishing/Hunting Exp

-Item Drop System now implemented into Lockpicking System (More items, better items)

-Guards will now grant higher Thievery experience

-Black Citadels drops lessened

-Replaced Special Effects of "?" with Doodads of "?" (They will show up now)

-Elemental Sorceress Evo Model Fixed (Maybe will drop Crashes?)

-All Mages Guilds Removed and now only one located in Ramoria.

-4 enchantment stores with one enchanter created for with side. Each Selling a maximum amount of enchanted items.

-Gambling Revamped a now available with bartender

-Warlord in beginning of GMQ switched to hostile and moved Closer to Entrance.

-Vampire Evolved Fixed

-Triggering Visibility cheat fixed

-Legendary Sword now Requires Level 200

-Reduced Property Cost by 50% for all properties

-Reduced Cost of Shedders and peasants by a bit

-Increased Speed and Health of Treasure Ships

-Warehouse on General should not be removed

-Clones will not get Damien's Soul

-Teleportation will be fixed

-Attribute item requirements fixed

-Removed Protection Gem from Kingdom legacy sets Requirements

-Arena unally fixed

-Granite golem wont spawn in field anymore

-A "!" will be put about Alchemist to increase potion purchasing

-Werewolves will attack vamps in vamp den

-Gars king attack slows down

-Moved Death summon to Black Citadel

-Daemon Paused in Desert on GMQ

-Removed more Song blackages on EMQ and Temples

-Crown of Kings will not get removed on item removal

-Alexandria siege will favour evil forces again



Version: 5.62/5.63

-Removal of both Charged Items when switching between inventory slots FIXED!

-House lvl 36 fixed (Carbon Steel and Wood)

-House lvl 55 Bandit Mill will work

-House Statue Dialog Fixed - Lvl 70 - 73, 80 - 83, 98, 99

-Nagator will drop his respective Items

-Super Nagator will grant x2 respective Items

-Thievery Included on both Super and Normal Nagator Granting more changes of getting Nagatorian Items.

-Lord of Chaos/Damned reworded

-Evolving will take away your summoned units

-Celestial Orb will not Sell

-Legendary Sword fusion wont remove soul only set amount of charges

-House Item Bounding Problem hopefully fixed

-Other Bounding items not quite sure, but attempted

-Clones wont receive Loves Tear

-Eye of Astral 100% drop from Lazar (Ice Crown Boss)

-Succubus will drop Orb of Evil in correct place.

-Fira Castle House warp while evil Fixed

-Garicus's Teleport fixed

-Tooltip on Sacred Sword reworded

-Double House Guard Fixed

-Strata-Angelica can be obtained a little easier. (sometimes wouldn't drop)

-Maximum Shedder limit introduced.

-Dragon King's Heart drop 75%

-GMQ Fighting the Three Generals will be fixed and revamped

-Death Whispers fixed

-Death's Summoned Fixed and will summon 3 at once if in possession of Death Whisper.

-Daemonic Bolt - Darklord Fixed

-Elemental Sorceress Lightning Storm fixed

-Many Pickaxe and Treasure Ship treasures will now be repeatable after 180 seconds. (Vanguard's Scroll, Artifacts)

(Kurlys and Septo are not repeatable)

-General Garicus's Building will not switch ownership when loading

-Steel Shield of Honour added +15 Stats

-Guild of Golden Quest for Diamonds will only remove 1 charge.

-Dark Lord and all Heroes are not allowed to attack Air (Fixed)

-Vanguards Gloves Tooltip Fixed

-Portal of the Underworld - Criron, should now cause Damage

-Icy Staff Lockbox will not be removed

-Bleed - Shadowblade, should be fixed

-Revamped Potion of Explosion and added a 1 second Cooldown to stop spamming.

-Reapers Approach fixed

-Aegis of the One tooltip fixed along with other items

-Holy War will have teleportation

-Hopefully Clarified what can be Saved within the House Safes.

-Demon Storm will keep casting regardless.

-Orcish Helm from early game will be granted to killing player



Version 5.61 - 5.60

-Banks will now Save after Evolving

-Evolving will not effect Skill Levels. (Thievery, Speechcraft, Forging etc.)

-No more infinite Wolves for ranger

-Bow will actually allow multishot.

-Patrolling will not be stopped when Hero acquires an item

-Item Removal System revamped to suit New advanced Item Drop System every 15 minutes

-Hero will be issued a Stop Order every 15 Minutes to prevent AFK Training

-Thievery Mastery and Virtuoso will appear again

-House Chests will not stack and hopefully wont cause pathing issues

-More experience given for Skill Abilities (Convince, Potion Crafting)

-Master Wizard will be Created

-Corpses For Death Hero tooltip fixed

-Set of First Mage Tooltip fixed

-finger of Death for Death/Reaper will work

-Reset Camera for Grand Chest will work

-Amulet of Dragon will load in house

-Loading with General/Evil Heroes will not remove essential Building

-Restocking of House Pigs will work

-Item Drop system reduced drops

-Tried to address the Heaven Error Glitch.. (Still not sure whats causing it)

-Fixed Items that sell for more than they should

-Increased Divine Hammer Drop

-Lots more User Submitted Glitches



Version 5.59

-Banks should load properly

-Bows Swiched from Critical Strike to a Custom Triggered passive ability (Should work with Multishot) (Deadly Range)

-Generic Potion drop lowered

-Item drops tweaked

-Apocalyptica can be seen when dropped

-Revamped army of Undead attack GMQ

-Icy Staff Ping corrected



Version 5.58

-Teal Slot can Load (Player 3)

-Maximum Peasants wont take away gold

-Death Corpeses Reversed

-Item Stacks should be able to move between slots and stack together.

-Gold of Darkness wont have his Infernal sword of Darkness. (No Invisibility)

-Items that drop and disappear that were mentioned probably have a bad model. I revamped the ones mentioned.

-Demon Hunters Comet Strike hopefully fixed

-Removed Sharing Units to prevent some money transfer cheats



Version 5.57

-New Advanced Item System Drop (Partially Created)

-Regular Save and Load will now work again... (Saving Via. F9/Save)

-More experience for more skills, more gold given also

-Passive Skills added for Thievery and Speechcraft giving a chance to get experience by regular kills.

-Good Main Quest, and EMQ will now give gold

-Grunt Giants will spawn east of Ramoria

-Condensed Ramoria Siege

-Fixed first Generals Portal EMQ

-Werewolf meat bag wont drop everywhere and just called Werewolf Meat.

-Daemonic Sword of Life Stats fixed

-Daemonic Doom Guards now have less dmg

-Forging Advanced Shields, Cuirass/Boots dialog buttons fixed

-Mustical Aura text fixed

-Housing level corrected, 24, 43, 4 (Evil Bandit Mills) and some dialog

-Corpses (Death Spell fixed)

-Maximum of 10 Peasants enabled

-Nagator Path Glitch

-Daemonic Sword Cave no longer blocked by Rocks.

-Faster Respawn Rates for NPCs

-Even Higher Experience Rates for Killing



Version 5.56

-Paladin Hero can now load House Levels

-Property Glitch fixed

-Smith Added with more Diamond / Chrono Weapons and Armor.

-Storage will be smaller and take up less space (House)

-Hopefully Fixed House lvl 24

-Share / -unshare re-added into the game

-You should be able to trade Items lvl 30 and below. (not charges yet)

-Summoning Bosses will now have chance to drop Soul for Diablo.

-Summoning Bosses will activate with non Hero units if that specific player is Diablo

-Evolving will not effect Housing Level. (5.55a)

-Skills will all grant way more experience than before

-Evolving will remove Previous Hero, or return them to Start.

-Evolving will keep all previous Items.

-Evolving will not remove any extra units.

-All enemies will grant more experience per kill

-Lowered attacked on Infected

-Removed Decay Aura from 1st General on GMQ

-Lowered Ice Spiders attack rate/damage

-Less Assassins / enemies when being randomly ambushed

-Chrono Shield Lvl req fixed

-Infinitas lvl Req fixed (Still many more, but be very specific)

-Daemonic Sword of Death stats fixed

-Entrance/Exits Fixed on Mining Cave, Teleporter to Heaven, and Assassins House

-Loading as Evil Hero will not Remove Lumber Mill

-House Teleport will work

-House Warp will have CD (Always Intended) Grants More experience also now

-House Level 24, 32, 42 should be fixed

-Cosmicus on Arcane Mage should deal damage now

-Other Arcane Mage spell should hopefully be fixed...

-Dog should load with house now

-Storage Chest will now separate and hopefully not block anything...

-Royal Magnus lvl req will now be lvl 1

-Iron Hammer worth/cost fixed

-Potion glitch fixed

-Advisor will give back gold when you buy house with less than 10 speechcraft



Version 5.55-5.56

-Paladin Housing Levels fixed

-Properties Glitch Fixed

-Smith Added selling couple more items

-Storages in house will be smaller with less pathing.

-Souls for diablo can be obtained from Summoning Shrines except God of Darkness.

-Share/-unshare added back in

-Items less than lvl 30 can be traded

-Charges can still not be traded yet.

-Evolving will not effect Housing Level. (5.55a)

-Skills will all grant way more experience than before

-Evolving will remove Previous Hero, or return them to Start.

-Evolving will keep all previous Items.

-Evolving will not remove any extra units.

-All enemies will grant more experience per kill

-Lowered attacked on Infected

-Removed Decay Aura from 1st General on GMQ

-Lowered Ice Spiders attack rate/damage

-Less Assassins / enemies when being randomly ambushed

-Chrono Shield Lvl req fixed

-Infinitas lvl Req fixed (Still many more, but be very specific)

-Daemonic Sword of Death stats fixed

-Entrance/Exits Fixed on Mining Cave, Teleporter to Heaven, and Assassins House

-Loading as Evil Hero will not Remove Lumber Mill

-House Teleport will work

-House Warp will have CD (Always Intended) Grants More experience also now

-House Level 24, 32, 42 should be fixed

-Cosmicus on Arcane Mage should deal damage now

-Other Arcane Mage spell should hopefully be fixed...

-Dog should load with house now

-Storage Chest will now separate and hopefully not block anything...

-Royal Magnus lvl req will now be lvl 1

-Iron Hammer worth/cost fixed

-Potion glitch fixed

-Advisor will give back gold when you buy house with less than 10 speechcraft



Version 5.54

-Skill experience will not be lost inbetween Leveling up.

(experience will not be set to 0 when leveling up, instead the experience required to get to that level will be subtracted leaving the remainder experience still intact.)


103/100 to next level... (will save the extra 3 experience)



Version 5.53a

-Death Whisper Summons location fixed

-Hero Skills Hotkey Added

-Infernal Sword of Darkness will now drop

-Forging Steel Weapons req lvl fixed

-Forging Skill added with Requirements of Mining and Forging

-Dragon Eggs 8% drop chance on all dragons, more on ashhorn

-Increased Exp from mining

-Added Training to Forging Anvil

-Loading Pedestals Fixed

-Phoenix Bank Loading Fixed

-Less Hydras in Water Temple

-House Safes should seperate

-House Dialog with storing items shouldnt multiply.



Version 5.52a

-unfreeze command added to unfreeze hero (just in case)

-Pickaxe animation Fixed

-Pickaxe Cooldown lowered alot

-Foraging will stack automatically

-Stacking distance fixed

-Daemonic Burn will Damage

-Arcanic Bomb switch to Cosmicus and added to Evolved

-Housing Levels Fixed

-Inn Keeper will not steal more than 15k

-Potentia Stone typo 15 to 10 fixed

-Summoner/Demon hunter Fixed

-Reworked bank loads more.

-Charges will double if codes work.. If not try getting bank again and save/load.

-Removed Speed on Halo Ability

-Lockpicking will grant more Thievery Experience



Version 5.51

-Dialog above Hero

-Lower Royal Magus Level Requirement

-Arcanic Lightning spell should show somewhat if ista kill

-Dune Worms attack homing disabled

-Markets will work

-Warmills will sell Orcish Equipment

-Lowered Ogre Meat Cost

-Backpack will now pickup charges when item stock is full

-Giant skeleton wont roam around

-Spider Eggs Properties listed

-apprentice wizard revamped a bit

-Paused Daemon in Desert battle until you meet him.

-Kranamour faster and will drop ingots depending on forging lvl

-Hermit quest shouldnt reinitiate

-Reworked House Quests

-Cuirass of the One revamped

-Lvl Requirement in Hell fixed back to 70, sorry

-Kingdom Set tooltip fixed

-Evil Units will evolve back in Darkhaven

-Elemental set to item variables

-Bank save/load reworked

-Dragon helm can now be picked up

-Ancient Pickaxe can be forged now (Map crashed last time i guess and did not save...)

-Return time on hostiles lowered bit more.



Version 5.50

-Forgotten Weapon fixed and can be dug inside Temple

-Housing lvl 13 (Leather changed and no Dialog)

-Housing lvl 20 fixed

-Commanders Prestige will grant bonuses to more summons

-Cross of Fate switched to Reincarnation w/ Cooldown

-Darklord Net Fixed

-Ice Formation to learn Northern Wind fixed

-Npcs will no longer be granted items

-Hostiles that grant raw materials will also grant hunting skill and will display amount.

-Hell Hounds/ undead Borrowers will die upon leaving hell

-You may enter darkhaven cave with either alignment

-Made Bank Tavern enterance wider and moved Circle of Power

-Arcane Evolution Region Fixed (Hiding behind tower)

-Black Virolia will Stack

-Looked at Loading Codes and reworked a little bit of it

-Instant Ownership of Bank when Signing up. (Maybe will help)

-Pheonix of Gaia I am unsure of the problem at the moment.



Version 5.49

-Vampire Soul Dig Site will actually be set

-Purchasing Items gold glitch actually fixed

-Lord of suffering will have levels now

-Claws of Ice no longer exist and now not needed

-AshHorn Dragon will give 33% Drop of Helm of Nexicus

-Ice Temple Cystal Formations/Pathing Fixed

-Items listed fixed (tooltip/stats/levels requirements)

-Brenellia Anthem "Name of song fixed"

-Item removal will remove all charged items + Various

-Illusions in Hell should be fixed

-Backpack Open Door glitch fixed

-Quest Gold Given Fixed

-Evil Quest Medallion Fixed

-When Metamorphs respawn, they will set back attributes

-Housing Levels Fixed / Teleporter Fixed

-Phoenix revive is now triggered and will only cast once every 300

-Runner Quest should be fixed. (Will automatically open gate)

-Can now evolve with non loaded heroes

-Ancient Pickaxe fixed from Gold Ore to Gold Ingots needed

I am really sorry that old glitches have come up again...

Some are because I have reworked those triggers.

Other glitches I really have no clue why they happen lol.



Version 5.48

Fans please note I will NOT be doing another code wipe, and you do not have to worry.

Also Banks should not be able to hold "Amulet of the One" for item dupe purposes.

-You can now pick up charges when inventory is full.

(Works differently then that "3 same item terror" dota and other Maps use)

(Still working on Selling charged Items, when inventory is full, but not many are sold thankfully.)

-You will purchase the animal instead of its Raw Material Item.

-Chronomite and Diamonds will stack if inventory is full automatically.

-Instead of Saying/Displaying Inventory is Full, it should make Item pickup Sound.

-Romaria Portal Fixed

-Ahl-Goreh Teleport fixed (Might be a pathing issue around this area let me know)

-Property item purchase glitch fixed

-General Loading Alignment fixed

-Alexandria Market/Fountain Pathing fixed

-Lord of Suffing Level Fixed

-(unsure what causes desynce in Heaven, but could have possibly been one thing I fixed.)

-Ancient Pickaxe Forging Fixed

-Unholy Book will summon right monster

-Obtaining Daemonic Sword Reworked (Main quest still grants all users a Daemonic Sword)

(Secondaryoption available because sometimes on rare circumstances the player will not recieve the Sword.

Ei: When inside a Dragon or possibly when Dead.

-You will obtain Skeletal Artifact now instead of Acolytes Orb. (oops very sorry)

-Advisor will now have Purchase Lumbermill...(sorry forgot to switch for last



-Vampire Soul Digging area enlarged

-Wizard House exit fixed



Version 5.47 (Code Wipe Again)

Hey Fans for sorry having to Code Wipe

the Game again. There has been a full

weekend of testing and I woud like to thank

everyone for their post because I could not

do it without you or you just would

have waited longer. This will be the last

time I code wipe Regardless and I do apologize.

I never have been one to want to Codewipe.

I feel as if the game should stable enough

to have everyone start fresh without cheaters

gaining an edge or glitches boosting stats.

(Coming in 10 Minute)



Version 5.46

Hello fans thank you for testing the new

release and updates. I am sorry that there

were some bugs that halted progress of

gameplay. I really appreciate all the feedback

and have been working hard to fix all of the

glitches that come in as soon as possible.

The Next


Version (Not this one) will feature

one final codewipe. There was a way to cheat

through default means and just glitching ways.

This next


Version will be released after all the

major glitches have been found. If this



seems to have most of the glitches fixed I will

release Codewipe Asap. This will ensure

a even gameplay experience for all players.

I hope you understand and I apologize to the

fans that don't cheat, Thank you for Testing

and reporting! I hope everyone is enjoying

the new skills and items. I will create more

enchantments soon enough.

-Raised Required level for infernal Ambush

-Evil Characters will load correctly

-Buying Taverns/Farms/Shipyards will work

-Power shot will not perma stun normal units

-Collosal Infernal (Mini Boss) will spawn in proper location

-Daemonic Bolt will stun a hero for 1 second

-Werewolves can be seen and will have lower stats

-Ring Forging will not freeze unit

-Players Leaving will not cause crash defeat

-Evolving will take away everything, and start you fresh

-Fixed Enchanting Stoned Requirement Tooltip

-Chronomite Iron Ore drop corrected

-Icy Staff Ice Formation Fixed

-Lumbers Mills will have "Housing" Function

-Pickaxe effect fixed

-Sorceress Bank will now load

(Your saveb codes will work)

-Unable to enter General Garicus's House

(Castle Door Glitch fixed)



Version 5.45b/c/d

-Housing Levels now Active passed level 1

-Item Requirements Fixed

-Creeps into Fira City will die

-Creep Bosses into Fira will Retreat

-Skeleton King's Attack Lowered

-Pig Skin glitch fixed

-Songs will not wait for effect

-Werewolves should appear in forest on Fullmoon

-Zombie Portal will get removed

-Escorting in Alexandria Removed Replaced within Inns



Version 5.45a

-loading will work

-Royal Magnus Song will work. (Was glitched)

-Wizards Lightning targeting

-Temple of One Entrance

-Guild of the Golden Circle First Guide Reward lowered

-Can talk to fisherman / Musicians

-Icon for backpack restored

-Steel Shield set to Shield Wield

-All Wield/types acquired from Chests will be dropped on ground to prevent double wielding.

(Just wanted to release this so you could load properly.

The codes should still work.)


I have not figured out the brilliance Aura buff however it probably doesnt effect anything

I am not sure if everyone sees lockpicking numbers?

Not sure on Skilled Spell Requirements (But set to "Starts to Channel" instead of "begins to Cast.")



Version 5.45 (Code Wipe)


-Thievery, Hunting, Speechcraft, Fishing and Forging are now all active.

-Save more statistics from Arena PvP and Tournament

-Over 10 Songs to Learn and memorize

-Use the Arrow Keys to unlock Chests, and Fish the Waters

-Own your own House and complete over 100 levels of upgrades.

-Revamp on all Items and added hundreds of new items

-Ranged Mode added with Arrows and Bows.n

-Collect Raw Material Items all the way to Finished Goods

-New Bank Vaults now Free and easy to obtain for both sides

-Different Banks for Evolved and Normal Heroes

-New Models on some Heroes, and Bosses

-All new Ice mountain Area

-Economy and Gold now drastically changed

-Revamped power of items and some Heroes (lower)

-Fixed all user submitted glitches (Posted on Forum)

-Default Saving is now fixed

Thank you for waiting so long for this next stage

is video gamingevolution. I hope that this will l

ive up the hype that seems tobe surrounding it.

This is only the beginning and now I await a

flood of ideas to make it better.

I would like to thank my Forum Administator

"Sandman" forhelping every step of the way with

his thoughtful and insightful ideas that will appear

in alot of the game play.

I will try to update the website asap with new

statistics on everyting and will continually come

out with more Enchantments.



Version 5.44

-Wave Description on Wiz Lightning and revamped

-Race Reseting Camera fixed

-Camera reset on Attribute item fixed

-Brilliance Thorns on Wizard fixed

-Added Hellstones/ Vanguards helm to item removal

-Black Citadel Digging with infernal hammer fixed

-Item switching with NPC fixed

-Lowered Mana Shield from 50-40

-Lowered Super Mana Shield from 70-55

-Attribute Bonus to first Daemonic Sword added

-Damien Soul / frag will have icon

-Iron Mine close to fira fixed

-Banshee Queen Entrance fixed

-Daemonic Ranger/Marksmen Tooltip fixed

-Dwarf shouldnt drop items anymore.

-Fixed Desert Blood explosions with Arena of the Gods

-Nerfed Fallen Angels despair

-Raised Reincarnation for Angel of Light from 180 to 200

-Added Suprmeme Mana Potion

-Angel of Almighty nerfed along with another Npc attack speed

-Lowered respawn times of pretty much every npc unit

-Made Infernal Boss Harder

-Even common low lvl enemies and other common enemies will now

have a small chance to drop an item.

-Worked abit more on the 2nd Phase of the Guild of the Golden Circle Quests.

however wanted to release a glitch fix before I got too ahead of myself.



Version 5.43a

Hey Fans sorry for the long wait. This version will mostly be a glitch



Version. However I added a lot of quest discription help.

-Evolution of Demon Hunter/Evils and General will now work

-Infernal Pickaxe will work in all locations

-Dragons Reign Count should be fixed

-Fan of Knives lowered to x3 Agility of Hero Universal Damage

-Nocturna fixed to 150k hp bonus

-Orc Shipyards are now invulnerable

-Wings of Newbae Level Requirement Fixed

-Souls One last Location will drop Ring of Arena for Hero.

-Infernal Pickaxe icon changed to green pickaxe

-Bank loss detection system added

-Metamorph Perfected with pausing of Hero inbetween meta

-Changed Evolution Spot for Evil to just inside the Temple of Evil.

-Daemonic Bolt hotkey set to [S]

-Quest Descriptions written on items

-Katana set to 100 Damage

-Rite of Passage wont conflict with Angel Summon

-Infernal pickaxe will spawn in Hero/under him

-Chosen One's Set will show up on Map

-Peratonia (Wiz Upgrade Ultimate Weapon) aura will work

-Gruuns Dialog will now work

-Constant Gold Drop is fixed

-Revenant and Deceivers Revamped

-Syzix Hall/Tyronus Bonuses Fixed

-Dying Respawn time lowered to 10 seconds

-Improved on all Boss drop triggers

-Lazar Boss will drop items now

-Soul collector will work with major boss drops if summons kills

-Undead feast and Spellbook Fixed



Version 5.42

There were some errors regarding the Single Player Anti cheats.

At first it was kicking you at start of game for Fast Build Cheat,

but then later on the Invulnerable cheat triggered and booted everyone.

-The Anti Cheat will only be on for Single Player only and not Online Coop

-Web ability removed from forest spiders (smaller ones) and lowered duration of web.

-Ghost Dragon Ranged changed

-Dragon Helm of Nexacus (will now have active spell for antispell shield)

-Evil Banks will spawn in Darkhaven

-Backpacks Potion charges will remove hp/mp potions at 1 charge instead of 0.



Version 5.41b

More Glitches fixed

-Forgotten Cave Entrance Fixed

-User Submitted glitched fixed

-Player 6 and Neutral Hostile fighting in Good Main Quest Fixed

(begining quests)



Version 5.40

-New Orc Island

-The Beast moved to Dragon Island and becomes paused until triggered

-Added way to make protection gem

-Fixed Mages Guild Exp Bug

-Fixed all user submitted glitches

-New specific Dialog Options

-Gruun should work with Dialog

-Evil Main Quest Dialog proofed rewritten quite a bit

-Zombie survival glitch should be fixed

-Soul should drop for Damien 3rd General

-Damien wont kill the other 2 generals

-Couple typos fixed

-More leak patching

-New models on Assassin, Raegnarok, and Life Sage.

-Temple bosses wont respawn in Water Temple

-Essence Super Bosses will drop items in Arena

-Wings of Newbae Mana Burn will now hurt 10%.



Version 5.39

-New units will become vulnerable...

-Legendary Daemonic Sword Blast spell will work again

-Some other stuff

(Mainly just released for the vulnerable one)



Version 5.38

-Made Forces of Evil (Player 6) Enemies with Neutral Hostile

(This may cause some fighting glitches to occurs which I did not forsee)

-Due too some maximum trigger issue the spells were not working on the DOR or Vampire. This should now be fixed

-Combined a bunch of ability triggers

-User submitted Glitches

-New Church (Not finished)

-New Guild Basement (Not Finished)

(I released this


Version early because of the spells not working, hopefully this will be fixed)



Version 5.37

(When I come out with an 'a'


Version it is mostly a very quick clean up of the previous


Version. It includes things

I might have mentioned but for some reason it still did not work.)

-New Save/load Screening Process for Hero and Bank (Less glitchy and less coding)

(Screening process is the trigger in the game that makes sure you loaded the same hero that you picked)

-Added Infernal Pickaxe Button to Hellforge

-Put Ore pounches in Hell Forge

-Lower 300 to 0 on Hell Stones

-Balanced out some of the ambushes

-User submitted glitches



Version 5.36

-Fallen Angels despair added Cd and lowered mana Cost

-Hell Stone Pouch set back to 0

-Cheat System will only activate on Single Player

-Loading as Red player will not turn you evil.

-Health Potion ability in backpack set to 1.5 second CD

-Paused Ramoria Captain so he wont bother Evil Units

-Phoenix Spell will not grant spellbook before you have it

-Ramoria attack lowered to granting 2 Assassins not 5

-Balancing and attack speeds lowered for units that attack too fast

-Dragon Spawning in Dungeons Fixed

-Whirlwind tooltip fixed

-Ultimate Item can now go in backpack

-Dialog with princess after siege of alexandria should not stop the quests

-Supreme Art ability on Evolved Assassin now balanced

-Bleed and Poison Shadow now fixed

-Lower God/Diablo Unit sizes when you aquire their power

-Added Criminals to patrol Darkhaven and other places

-Guild of Abyss Ping Fixed

-Periodic Attacks for all types of Hero Levels added

-New Lower Level Items added and hid

-Infinitas Added

-Wings of Newbae can now be evolved 4 more times

-Scepter of Truth

-Eye of Astral

-Can now Enter Major Buildings marked by circle of power

-Guild of Golden Circle Interior

-Lost Valley Inn Internior (New Inn)

-Mages Guild (Ramoria)

-Bandit's Tavern (Darkhaven)

-New Special NPC's will give out Dialogs Quests inside of Buildings

-Two Trader Units NPC's added one in Fira, and one in Darkhaven.

-Removed some Portaits for Custom Units (Portait Window on HUD)

(Some Units may not always so their face in order to keep game progressing)

(I understand sometimes Units may disappear such as Banks, and Heroes at times, I am not sure at the moment the

exact cause which I believe seems to be the Single Player Anit Cheat system which started to act up.

I've put line of sight blockers and increased ground level to not be able to see it at all.

Also stated which Cheat it detected instead of just generically saying "CHEAT DETECTED"



Version 5.35

-Evolution Fixed

-Hell Forge now active

-New Exqusite Item Found in Arena's Chicken Chaser

-New Ping System (Will now Ping Main Quest/Guild Quest for whichever side you're on.(Use backpack))

-Lowered starting Hp of all Heroes

-Changing starting time to 6am (Day)

-Added Castle of Fira (Put Advisor in there)

-Revamped Hero Loading Screening process (Possibly Quicker)

-Revamped Fusion Shop Area



Version 5.34

-Ring of Summoning Changed to Ring of Arena and Fixed

-Apocolyptic zombies nerfed a little bit

-Spells now damage Computer Heroes that are 1/2 your level.

-Souls of Underworld Hotkey switched to Q

-Added some bonuses to Visor of the One and Choosen Ones Set



Version 5.32a/5.33

Sorry my Bosses decides to have an all out match in the begining of the game, as my map initalization triggers now decide not to want to work. This 5.32 is proper.

Introducing the all new revamped Boss Fights! Special tanks to Newbe for volunteering his time to aid in the creation of these boss fights.

-Hydra King, Thaerion, Lazer, Nagator, Sandman, Forgotten, Diablo(1,2&3)

(Still working on SUPER BOSSES)

-Essence location moved to Arena of the Gods by using item from Tavern

-Arcane Cannon is for sure fixed... I actually tested it!

-Revamped Warrior removed useless abilties and re added Avatar and another amazing skill.

-Raised cd on Summoner's and Dragon Princess' Summons. (Summon beast, Children of Scales)

-Lower cd on warriors Daemonic Blast undid tooltip typo, and added to max 125 levels.

-Can summon God of Fire in Fire Mountain Area.

-Added new grass for increased scenery as well as boss areas.

-User submitted glitches for 5.31 fixed ty to all!

I hope you enjoy these new boss fights. Stay tuned for the super boss fights.



Version 5.31

-Arcane Cannon should now be fixed

-Divinity of the Blessed will cause 20 sec Invulnerability for Paladin.

-Occultist Quest fixed and should be able to be completed

-Evil Main Quest where you free the Forgotten should not mess up Digging up forgotten weapon now.

-All players able to upgrade to advanced Tower

-Balancing on certain items to increase desire

-Removed items on Good Main Quest Diablo and gave him diablo items instead to lower power as he was too strong.

-Reworked Ramoria Attack Good Main Quest with enemy unit distribution.

-General Azgalor will now summon some enemies for you to fend off



Version 5.30

-Backpacks now have the ability to use Mana and Health Potions instead of your Hero! :D

-Introduction of Herbology with two new plants with amazing side effects!

-New Quests added with Advisors and Unholy Priest

-Glaive of Shadows Fixed

-Evil respawn below lvl 80 fixed (sorry)

-Ultimate items with Sandman fixed

-Sandman... as he was ment to be!

-User submitted glitches for 5.29 fixed

-Credit Page now Available (Thanks Hiveworkshop)

-Good Main quest improvements

(Read latest news for more update information)



Version 5.29

-Spells fixed

-Blade of Leaves Fixed

-Bleed Fixed

-Necro Repick Fixed

-Metamorph Fixed

-Ancient Ruin Entrance Fixed

-Other User Submitted glitches fixed.

(Mainly glitch fixing version, sorry it took so long...)



Version 5.28

-Ancient Caverns Added to the Game (Guild Quests for Keys, Travelling Merchant for Hints, Golden Pickaxe Req)

-New Ultimate Level 300 Items added

-New Boss added (Still Needs to be tested)

-submitted Glitches Fixed

-Golden Compass reworked

-Loading should hopefully work with all players

-Summons for Demon Hunter Fixed

(Im sorry I wanted to added new things and make sure it works 100%, however im really busy lately and would just like to get this


Version out for the loading glitches preventing evolutions loads.)

(The new temple will work 100% up to the boss) (I had yet to defeat him but lowered his stats since)



Version 5.26/5.27a EVOLVED

Special thanks to all of the Fans for summitting the glitches,

Im sorry there was so many glitches, I tried to release it as soon as possible but I will continue to strive to bring more quests and fun to Daemonic Sword ORPG. Keep it Alive People!



Version 5.25/5.25a/5.25b DAEMONIC EVOLUTIONS

Hey everyone, this update took forever and there is still loads of work to be done. I will never abandon my one true hobbie. I work a lot in the summer and hope you all understand I'm getting a little older now lol... Now for the good stuff.

-10 New Evolution Heroes with Custom Models, Abilities, Animations, and all new Spells. Including revision on Normal Heroes (none Evolutions), and new Ultimate Abilities and Hero Summons.

(Different undisclosed locations for each Daemonic Evolution) However if you come close and you are not lvl 400 it will tell you.) (Hint: Main Island contains most of the locations, or Small Caves)

-All new Terrain Changes

-New summons, and evil units added

-Memory Leak patching now programmed on all periodic events and spells

-New Main Quest and Evil Quest Dialog (More Main Quest, Still lots more to edit and proof)

-New Helmet Class item Types, complete with models attachments and new Items

-Two New Set's (Set of the One) and (Set of the First Mage)

-New Temple made by Primus Magus

-Ultimate End (Ranger) by Primus Magus

-Evil loading and screening will now work properly (Removing banks(no more 4 banks), and units, items, when you -load)

-New Armor Type Class System now incorperated

-Removed "beta" From name to attract more people into playing (Also because the game does not update into a final


Version... It Evolves, never perfect but always improving.)

-The game is 8126 KB and is nearing its limit

I will wait for bug reports and try to fix everything up for this


Version by tomorrow. Have fun thank you for waiting, good lucking finding your evolution locations. Remember you will need loves tear to Evolve. If anything doesnt work please report and I will try to fix it Asap, I have tested it as much as I can and it should be good to go.



Version 5.23/5.24

-Multi-Spell added to Arcane mage replaced Daemonic Magic (Residual Energy)

-Raised Mp/Regen of Brilliance on Arcane Mage

-Revamped Terrain in certain areas

-Glitches from 5.22 fixed

-Attribute weapons

-Pathing in Ice Temple

-User submitted glitches for 5.22



Version 5.22

-Assasssins actually fixed

-Adept of Evil set will actually be a spellbook

-More hints and dialog in temples explaining what you may have just done

-Share and -unshare command inplemented

-Sorceress Pheonix Blast Universal Dmg fixed

-Lessen the Attributes items req and improved Cuirass of the One

-Added more periodic attacks, and more gars and couple others

-Divine shield is now longer cd

-Demon Crystal and will drop more

-Divine Hammer/ Heavnly Shield will drop from Daemonic Angels

-Improved changed for vanguards set

-Balanced Apoc Zombies

-Chaos Dragon Revamped

-Death Dragon Revamped

-Ice crown Temple will be easier

-User submitted glitches and balancing



Version 5.21

-Raised Arcane Bolt to lvl 100

-Forum Glitches

-Ultima lowered from 300+ to 200+ lvl req to get from souless

(310 lvl req for Ultima Still)



Version 5.20

-Almighty and Nagator Bonus damage removed

-Applied some skill bonuses to sets/items

-Revamped wizard a bit more

-Temple of Sevens will only be req in the main temple with lvl over 225

-Summoner fixed

-Minor Glitches



Version 5.19

-Knights of the Round smaller

-Demon crystal and Angels wills will grant more exp upon delivery to npc

-Survival will grant more exp for higher units

-Castle should appear at night if not seen before

-Three Ultimate Stat Items Fusion Created

-Super High Lvl drop will drop is rightful place

(low)(medium)(High)(super high)ie: Grandfather, Angels Bow

-Almighty will not teleport

-Forgotten Weapon Dialog Skip

-Cannibilize on necro revamped to actually dosomething

-Roar will now have Cd

-Arcanium Spell will now grant visual hopefully

-Daemonic Rain Increased to incorperate Intelligence

-Heal up from x4 to x5

-Heavenly Rain (wizard healing) boosted from 15k to 20k

-Forked Lightning Added to Arcane Mage

-Poison Aura added to Assassin

-Cryo Chambers Item Added

-Daemonic Teras are smaller



Version 5.16/5.17/5.18

-Revamped all Ultimates lvl 150 Items into none left handed, and revamped balancing of the Ultimate Weapons also.

-Added couple more bows, improved on Staff of Fira, and added Fate Hammer

-Reworked super high lvl drop so you will not get drop as more

-Neutral Hostile going on Evil Team hopefully fixed (Allying to Players)

(Could not really find source of problem 100% but added contingency triggers)

-Revamped Reaper and combined Death and Decay Aura into Reapers Presence

-Revamped Summoners Presence spell also to deal more dmg and high lvls

-Diablo and Almighty will now grant a bit smaller amounts and different amounts of stats depends on who you become

-User Submitted glitches

-Mostly a glitch fixer this one plus the removal of Ultimate Weapons from left handed



Version 5.13/5.14/5.15

-Improved some scenery

-Arena Pvp you can now cast spell on the other user

-Removed Attribute Bonus for all Heroes and replaced with other spell

-Improved and revamped other spells

-Added above Hero Talking text

-Blight / Create corpse will not effect each other

-Fusion with Ultimate Daemonic Swords and Main Quest fixed

-Lag on Might of Elements Fixed

-Less waiting on respawns of enemy units

-Higher lvls included in Temple of Keys

-Lowered summons and increased their stats

-Other glitches

-Balancing with bosses. removal of items, lessen attributes

-troll attack on fira turned into Ogre attack

-Nagator smaller in size



Version 5.12

-Lots of Glitches Fixed

-Revamped Temple of Keys into a better Temple

-Wizards Dragon Force will work

-New abilities added to bosses

-New Guild of the Abyss added for Evil Players (Only 4 quests done so far)

-Fixed Guild of Golden Circle (Up to Infernal which is as far as I have gotten so far)

-Made summons less in numbers but greater in strength for the most part.

-Made summons smaller and take up less space

-Changes Summon Daemonic Dragon into a new spell abilty type so it should not be cast with other set spells or be cast at same time as other spells

-Revamped some Items on bosses, and made some easier and some harder

-Sorceress Might of Elements Ultimate Spell revamped and will cast instantly in 3 waves of Ice, Fire Rings, and Comets, dealing slighty less intelligence damage as before

-Survival / Fire Dodger should work

-Temple Bosses will give bonus experience when killed



Version 5.09/5.10/5.11

-Aegis of the one corrected from 5.10 - 5.11

-Website item fusion updated

-Cooldowns on some important items corrected

-Sets Revamped and website updated accordingly

-Revent changed to tormentor on create corpses

-Volcanica Spell revamped

-Mana Sheild Revamped

-EarthQuake Revamped

-Added better items to bosses

-Guild of Golden Heroes Quest should work (havnt finished it yet)

-Less damage on first General in Good Main Quest

-Periodic(Group) attack locations changed and revamped

-Survival/Fire Dodger enables you to gain experience based on your level

-Couple Typos(let me know, I hate bad spelling but im usually tired when im writing and no one to proof it cept you)

-User submitted glitches



Version 5.08

-New Custom Model Trees

-New Items

-New Guild with Quests (Not finished it yet)

-Fixed some major glitches with evil main quest

-Hopefully fixed double loading with vampire

-Item disappearing with good and evil items should be fixed

-Revamped Heaven and Tree landscapes

-General loading fixed when evil or good



Version 5.07

-Gold from Lumber will sell to nearby Hero

-Weapon of the One wont grant bonus to Illusions

-Dragon Skull Quest will give book back to you

-Fire Mountain scenery added and locations fixed

-User submitted glitches and little more balancing



Version 5.05/5.06

(sorry it took so long...)

-Diabo will be evil

-Infernalites will cast proper attack

-Lumber Mill should sell money

-More mana on eternal Dragon Summon



Version is a Major glitch fix with couple new items, and a Nagator Reincarnation.

-Spell that did not do Real Damage, or Real Splash damage should be fixed (Daemonic Blast, Magic Nova, Comet.)

-Elclipse is properly functioning

-All Multi Form Illusions have reduced percent damage

-Should not be able to cast Multiform near Doors inside Temples

-Gold Pieces rewards reduced along with low level purchased items.

-Nagator Essence created, and combined with Necronomicon (New Good Quest Item) can be used to summon Nagator at Summon Symbol in Desert

-Some Items revamped, along with some abilities

- All other user reported glitches along with some balancing

-Added in one new Mini Quest (Dragon Bones)

-Evil Quest after Angels Appear is now fixed (Major Glitch Oops)

-Man of Thunder and Reign of fgfd Fusions are now fixed



Version 5.03/5.04

-Generals Spell book will work

-Diablo's lair Portal was broken in 5.03

-Diablo fight needs to be redone for next verion(removed in mean time)

-Cap on summoner's summons

-New summons with Summoner

-Gem of Eternity: 2700 Intelligence is now needed

-Paladin's Spellbook fixed

-Dameons Soul lvl req corrected

-Ring of three lvl spell corrected

-Dragons fury should cause more dmg

-User submitted Glitches

-The Zodiac item Created

-Blink Cooldown (Minimized)

-Lumber decreasing Glitch Fixed

-Dark Lords net will not move to DreadNaught in Arena only



Version 5.02

-Summoner's and Ranger's Spellbook work properly passed lvl 6

-Angelic Light tooltip and dmg set to strength x3

-Guardian Angel Upgrade created

-Life force and essence of life on summoner should function

-Commander of the legion upgrade created

-Removal of Auramancers in Periodic Item removal

-Summoning set will give a bonus to Nether Bolt on summoner

-Nether bolt will target through spell immunes

-Necromancers summons are upgraded



Version 5.01

-All 18 Heroes now have a spellbook cap of level 10

-Each Level will feature a new spell or upgrade to previous spell

-User submitted glitches have been fixed (Refer to Forum)

-Silence should silence special abilties aswell now

-Tooltip on a lot of spells will be filled in



Version 5.00

-User submitted Glitches

-Death whisper will summon dragons

-Almighty's set will work with god's set in becoming Almighty

-Almighty cannot turn evil

-Daemonic Cape will now Drop (very Sorry)

-Arcane Mages Ultimate Item tooltip and spell increased

-Replaced Daemonic Bottle Ability for Warrior

-Reduced Generals Sword to 15k Strength from 20k

-Reduced Dmg on some other items

-Thor's Hammer will not hurt allies and yourself

-Diablo fight should hopefully not lag as much (removal of some things)

-Weapon of the One will Tp you to temple



Version 4.99

-Some units that caused food to rise fixed

-User submitted Glitches fixed

-Saving Items when turning into Defender of Realms

-Almighty's Set added

-Lifestream Elemental Added

-Boss Balancing Almighty, Last Diablo

-New Almighty Bonus Boss fight added for God's Set

-Dialog Added with units added

-New Fusions

-Item Balancing

-Ultima 50% Drop for all heroes over 300

-Key of Sevens 7 drops for all inside survival and grants owernship

-Guardian attack dmg fixed



Version 4.98a


However you cannot load version 4.98 codes. Pretend like 4.98 never existed as I had complaints about not be able to load your Heroes.

(note Loading old codes will result in inaccurate Kill/death ratio)

-repicking will set kill/death to zero

-General will not own Portal

-Couple new items and Dialog

-Took out some towers protecting Fira and Ramoria



Version 4.98 ITS HERE!

IT IS FINALLY HERE, and its back and better then ever with a Kill/death Ratio and 4 new Ultimate Heroes and more high leveled Items and sets! I hope you guys enjoy Ill keeping checking the forums for the glitches to update asap. Please note this is a CODEWIPE! All Previous version save codes will not work.

-4 New Heroes all with custom model added to the General and Heroes Characters.

(4 new Heroes are evolutions to the Three Evil Heroes and the General Check Ultimate Power Quest)

-Roughly 40 New items and Ive upgraded other items.

-Kill/Death Ratio Added to -save/-load

-Deaths will now only cause loss of Experience not much, and will add to death Ratio)


(Sorry fokes try a new Hero this time!!!!)

-2 new sets (Daemonics Set, and Dragons Set)

(Check Set fusions for full details)

-Dragon Island Created

-3 new Boss Monsters created

-New Monsters Created

-Custom models added

-New mini quests (Item searching, gives more hints, experience)

-3 New upgraded attribute items all with their own unique quests.

-Terrain remodelling (South of Alexandria, Bandit Fortress is now Darkhaven, Heaven, and more places added)

-Fixed glitches from previous versions

-Heroes Armor will now reduce Heroes attack by 50%

-Item balancing

-Double Backpack Glitches should be fixed

-Mostly all Bosses will have a ton more health then they used too

-All new Item drops for Temple Bosses (more coming)

-New spells on some Heroes

-Main Quest Skipping Dialog enabled with certain items and required Level. (Its only goes up so far then near the end you must read and play)

Good luck too all in this expansion to your favourite Rpg



Version 4.97

-Key of Sevens 7 Survival will drop

-Banks should be able to hold things hopefully

-Minor Glitches Fixed

-Diablo Summoning Fixed and will drop items again

-Infernal Hammer level requirement dropped to 140



Version 4.96

-Kinda forget most of what I did.. (usually write it down as I do it but...)

-Major/Minor glitches fixed from Forum

-Probably some other cool stuff... :)



Version 4.95

-Dark Lords ability fixed

-User Submitted glitches fixed

-Key of Seven Boss can be killed by evil

-Added extra abilties to all heroes and added 1 extra level to spellbooks

-added some more enemy units

-Fixed Staff of master

-Minor Glitches Fixed



Version 4.94

-Dark Lord's bank will now -saveb

-Attribute Items now have requirement put back on them

-Soul of Darkness ability added to Dark Lord

-Dark Fear added to Dark Lord

-Bonus added to Dark Lords Ultimate Weapon

-Darkness Phage can now be Dropped

-Last door on key of sevens is now impassible

-Paladins Ultimate Weapon now gives more strength Bonus

-Zombies will now attack back door to alexandria



Version 4.93

-Survival Key of Sevens should drop (10 minutes into game)

-Bunch of Major and minor Glitches

-Key of Seven Doors wont be destroyed

-Bank Fortress should cost wood now

-Essence Fight deglitched (drops)

-Bunch of Fun Stuff



Version 4.92

-Golden Dwarfs pickaxe should now dig

(try to find key that golden pickaxe is hiding)

-Paladins Ultimate spell will now heal others.

-Fixed glitches reported on forum

-Increased Assassins Ultimate Weapon

-Added new summon to Summon Demon for Demon Hunter

-All keys should now be able to be found

-Key of Sevens Boss will now be the appropriate level

-Over population spawns Glitches should be fixed



Version 4.91

-BANK will work for evil and will spawn in bandit fortress

-Gruun will now continue to talk

-Death Primary ability switched

-Golden Dwarfs Pickaxe can now be fused

(FIND ALL SEVEN KEYS and complete the new quest loaded with extra ULTRA ITEMS!!!



Version 4.89/4,90

-BANK system added (Should be able to save 2 fortress's)

-Key of Sevens Quest Added

-Key of Sevens Temple added

-New Super Items Added (More to Come)

-Items will now start to grant skill bonus's (More to come)

-Max Level is now 400

-New Website

-Essences added (6 in total)



Version 4.88

-Minor Glitches Fixed

-Anti "Cheat" System enabled for single player

-save system enabled for single player

-single player -save compatible with Multiplayer -save

(Regular save/load still isnt working, I believe it is because of imports... which I am trying to sort through)



Version 4.87

-You can actually -save (sorry)



Version 4.86

(Sorry ust a reminder Im currently working on a -save for single player, however it is not completed yet despite it telling you otherwise). Hopefully Ill have it working by next


Version. I will also be trying to create a bank system for saving extra items

-Fixed glitches reported

-Key of one is bigger

-Arena Hero Battle is harder and will give out more money

-Bow of Leg breaker and God Hand should now be able to be removed

-Dark Lords Master Split will last for 5 Minutes

-Special Spells Should work,

-Diablo Summon text fixed

-Vamp Bite Reduce

-Vampire Life Regeneration reduced to 1500hp per second

-General skin added

-Some new general skills

-New spells for “Defend Skill” Replacements

-Assassins lvl 4 skill book will grant intended skill

-Multi Shot added to summoner

-Iron and Coal Ore and Hell stones added in



Version 4.85

-Added Weapon and shield attachments (more to come)

-Replaced item icons with actual models of the item

-Added Credit Section for models being used in map (more to come) (some to take out)

-Added New dirt and Grass Terrain

-Fixed glitches reported last time I checked

-Added new skins to characters (more to come)

(Major work in progress with these skins, and weapon attachments)

(Major work taking out weapon from heroes... Wizard and Sorc still needs to be taken out)

-Sorry again for the dely read Lastest News for the reason

-(Skipped 4.84 as it was kinda a testing version for me, and it might have leaked)(no worries)



Version 4.83

-Fixed End of Evil main quest (forgotten Battle)

-Fixed items not giving out Bonus stats

-Added a couple new items from Item creation forum

-Proofed Good Main Quest Text(grammer, spelling)

-Revamped couple of spellbook abilities

-Getting Attribute Items will have an approx 50 minute

-Blue start point/ respawn point fixed

Enjoy the new terrain



Version 4.82

-All New Original Custom Terrain Added

-Diablo Boss end Fight created (Lots of Fun)

-Minor Bugs fixed

(2 major game changes check it out!)



Version 4.81

-Revamp on Assassin, added in new skills for spell book

-Golden Gars King back in, oops

-Fixed some minor glitches from previous v ersion

-Fixed up some desert area terrain

-Sea Monsters should attack Alexandria in quest now

-Dungeon door will open for rescuing princess



Version 4.80

-Re did most of the terrain and made it look a lot sharper and smoother.

Some areas are not even the same as before

(Work in Progress)

-Fire Dodger will turn off

-Revamp on Summoner (she will be a lot better)

-Fixed glitches reported on forum

-Gods Right Hand and left Hand Revamp

-Absolute Zero take off and replaced with Super Slow

-Ring of Eternity Revamp will now have Heal 50k and Stronger Decaying Aura



Version 4.79

-Paladins Daemonic Demons Spell will not Critical Error

-Revamp on Hunter Ultimate Weapon

-God set will say 30k now

-200 souls for God set Items.. Couple version back.

-Changed the quest log to stat 200 like all other text currently does

-Evil units cannot activate couple of parts of Good Main Quest that I missed somehow

-Fire Dodger Trigger will not leak



Version 4.78

-Resurrection Book will work

-Life Force of Hunter will now work

-Wizards Magical Strike improved

-Loading a Good Hero with Evil item will not not

(Evil Items will drop on ground)

-Fixed Sacrificing room, Bandits can be sacrficed

(other units that dont sacrific will stil explode.. ei Summons)

-Minor things, not too too much different from 4.77



Version 4.77

-Evil Main Quest Complete (should run through all the way)

(Final Fight added)

-Added Ultimate Orb of Evil

-Orbs can not drop (however if you wish to load evil you must save the orb)

-Added a Resurrection Book (Unholy Book) in the water for treasure ship to find

-Daemonic Dragon Ring, Pirate Rings were create couple of versions ago

(Find 4 Relics and fuse them.. Relics are in water.. Use Treasure Ship)

-Lord of Dragons summons for summoner will now work properly

-Revamped some items making them useful

-Some leaky lag issues fixed



Version 4.76

-Added more intervals of Attribute damage on aoe spells, causes them to do more dmg to user heroes.

(I will continue to make aoe spells hurt user heroes that are not 1/2 the level!)

-Fixed leak with Angel Guardians attacking Treasure box with scroll inside of it... Causing them to warp to Bandit Fortress.

-Revamped Portals for evil main quest to make them a lil more attractive and fun

-Generals lvl 50 ability reworked to not use upgrade (as upgrades suck)

-Fixed some issues with Evil Main Quest (Quick Cuts with Forgottens set)



Version 4.74/4.75

-Player ones start location fixed

-Bandits Multi-shot will fire axes

-Reworked Paladin with summons and ability mana costs

-Fixed user submitted glitches

-Reworked some upgrade abilities, (as upgrades cannot downgrade)

-Blue Hydras will have a limit

-Added Daemonic Relics (1-4)

-Balanced the game out further



Version 4.73

-Raised attack per primary attribute (More Dmg)

-Ajusted cost on some things (Boats, evil characters ect)

-Added in some more pirate stuff

-Added Pirate Relics (Find with Treasure Ship)

-Revamed some items making them better



Version 4.72

-Added Pirate Island (Started some Quests and fun things to go along with it)

-Necros Max Skeleton Level will now be Ranged

-Combat Skills with go up to max lvl with Dark Lord

-Pirate Island started (But not even close to being complete)

-Glitches on the forum fixed

-Lowered Damage on primary attribute (from couple levels ago forgot to mention)

-Lowered some Damage bonuses on Ultimate Items and Other Powerful Items

-Fixed Princess Glitch

-Arena Survival revamped to cause less lag

-Zombie Survival Revamped to cause less lag

-Health Regen on most units set to none to reduce lag

-Bunch of stuff check it out, sorry it took a while



Version 4.71

-Enjoy Play the Evil main quest to defeat the Almighty

-The Switch door in Ice Crown by mini boss will open

-Rangers Trueshot ability will work up to max level (+100 Damage each lvl)

-Shedder cost increased

-Gold and Lumber ajustments because money is too easy to get

-Flying Fortress of the Beast is added into Diablos Building Set

-Evil Main Quest where Diablo is frozen will now work (Meaning you can fight almighty)(Only way)

-Made it easier if to complete madallion quest if you already have forgotten shield or set

-Added in the Legendary Daemonic Sword using fusion of Celestial Orbs (900)

-Added skills to hostile units making them harder hopefully.

-Fixed some other skills for bosses and tried to balance some more



Version 4.69/4.70

-Summoner Spells should work (Some are revamped)

-glitches reported on the forum fixed.

-Almighty is part of Evil Main Quest (FYI)

-Minor Balancing

-Arcane Armegedon for AriesX should cause serious damage now

(Break is almost here I am planning on adding some cool stuff when I have the time, such as

Finishing the Evil Main Quest (Last Boss Fight)

Adding in Sub Quests and Custom skins icons.



Version 4.68

Most of these glitches were caused by the Aoe Spells being able to hurt COMPUTER HEROES ONLY!

-Defensive skill will work on assassin

-Hero will enter Library

-Rangers Ulti Weapon is more powerful

-Fixed some major glitches

-Golden Dragon can now spawn again :S



Version 4.67

Most of these glitches were caused by the Aoe Spells being able to hurt COMPUTER HEROES ONLY!

-Sorted out bugs with User Hero Classification and Aoe Spells (hopefully)



Version 4.66

Most of these glitches were caused by the Aoe Spells being able to hurt COMPUTER HEROES ONLY!

-Boat and Dragon can now hold Heroes

-Banish will now work on Heroes

-Summoners Spells will only work on her units

-Diablo cannot return to good

-Hermit will enter library



Version 4.65

-More to Evil Main Quest added still not 100% complete (untested aswell, didnt have time to get that far)

-User submitted glitches from the weekends and before

-Aoe Spells can damage Computer Heroes!

-Aoe cannot hurt "User" Heroes as level variations causes this to be unfair against lower level oppenents.

-Vampires Spell Regen should work now

-Reworked Archers spellbook a little bit

-Archers Trueshot Perm Dmg will now be effective

-The Almighty has been added



Version 4.64

Spent all Friday and some fixing crap for the fellow fans

(I wonder if blizzard will ever hire me) lol

-Backpacks now hold the dungeons keys and not the Hero (hurray)

-Diablo set will open more doors in Hell

-Every Hero will recieve one peice of diablos set when diablo dies.

(Like Daemonic Sword)

- 2 New Medium level sets added (Fusion of Quest Items)

-Reworked some of the advanced sets

-Gods set more powerful

-Divine Shield can be dug

-Celestial Orb Stone can be reused every 30 minutes or so (2000 seconds)

-Master pickaxe will require Reapers Scythe from summoning set instead of Diablos Claw

- Added some abilities so the General

-Thorns added to forgottens set

-Dragons hopefully will now be kept out of TOP and BOTTOM areas.

-No Door warping using summons, and Removed switches and replaced with Region so summons cannot spawn through door and open gate via switch.



Version 4.62/4.63

Cant quite remember all the details but ill try

*Diablo Favourite Skilll on Death will work

*Deaths Dragon will be stronger

*Switched around some abilities, added some new ones

*Fixed a bug in the Ice Crown Dungeon where a Region was in the wrong place.

(Right side of polar bear... Cave and Switch Regions were all messed up)

*Some Minor Glitches.... Its better just dl it!

*Arcane Dragon Stronger

*Backpack will now use Keys

*Rangers Final Skill will Work



Version 4.60/4.61

*Revamped some Heroes and added in new abilities

*Master Chilling touch on sorceress will work

*Death's Spell Book is now properly working

*Blue Hydras on summoner will now summon Lord of Dragons

*Fixed Minor Glitches

*Added in Elemental Fusion

(Wind, Water, Earth, Fire, Ice)

*Pathing on Black Citadel door to waterway will be walkable.



Version 4.59

*Added more abilities to Heroes

*Balanced Game out more

*Added Wind, and Water Elements to complete the set for Elemental Fusion Set

(which does not count as a set)

*Fixed minor Glitches

*Fixed Mana costs for starting abilities with some Heroes



Version 4.58

*Added a bunch of new abilities to the Heroes.

*Revamped Bandit Lord and turned him into the Dark Lord

*Balanced Experience Gain

*Fixed Issue where loading Evil Items with an evil Daemonic character would drop your items.

*increased level skip from 10 to 12 on SpellBooks

*Decreased Forgottens set stats from 8000 to 5000


Do to popular demands, the General can now go Evil and trigger Good Main Quest. On Top of this all Evil Heroes can now Activate Good Main Quest if they switch over. The Text is eplictly for the Daemonic Heroes from the Future.



Version 3.35 Fixes:

*You can now fuse Diablos Set, and you must now use Diablos set to become diablo.

*Your Diablo Units can now have backpack to bring souls back into Hell.

*Summoners Hydras are fixed with eternal damnation.

*New Abilities on Death Knight

*Diablo can be killed and it wont effect the Good Main Quest.

*Summoners Ultimate Weapon, and Demon Hunters Weapon have been updated to better suit the Heroes Abilities.

*I check the Forum alot and use that as a refence to what i need to work on... I barely get to test it myself anymore... When Glitches stop coming in at alarming rate, i will continue to expand on the Evil Main Quest, and try to make some Optional Dungeons, as these are what fans want to see the most.



Version 4.36

*Fixes Hydras on Summoner, along with a couple other things on the forum



Version: 4.37/ 4.38

*Fixes Death Knight Freezing

*Summoner doesnt spawn Infernals...

*Arena Surival and Fire Dodger are fixed

*Arcane Mage Mana Shield is max lvl 40

*Cannot Hold both God Set and Diablos

*Finger of Death cannot Attack buildings.



Version 4.39

*Fixed alot of minor glitches and suggestions that will make the game better and more fair



Version 4.40

*Summoner CD on Summon Beast lowered

*Main Quest "The Plan"

Hopefully Fixed....

*Daemon(Evil) Dieing in Ramoria Fixed

*Tool tips added to missing ones

*Looked over forum and added whatever I could



Version 4.41

*Fixed Orb of Evil Drop (returning to Good Side)

(glitch occured while solving the Multi form glitch with the orb of evil)

*Alcolytes for becoming Diablo are now Invulernable and infernals will not destroy them

In the next couple of


Versions I will be adding on the Evil Main Quest, and trying to make some areas more dungeon like. Keep posted and thank you for waiting while i fixed the glitches and suggestions. Keep them coming!!!



Version 4.42

*Good Main Quest - Ramoria Under Attack is now fixed. The Princess can now be captured.

*Ice Crown Dungeon Added to Ice Mountain

*Black Citadel Dungeon Added.

(Check out the two new dungeons ive added, so far who will get nothing for killing the bosses. However i will continue to add more Dungeons and Prizes for completing them. I only rushed to get this version out because the Good Main Quest was bugged. )



Version 4.43

*Replaced Windows Vista with Windows 7, and then upgraded the map to new gen.

*Changed the map size to the biggest to could possibly go.

*Moved all dungeons and cave areas mainly to bottom of map.

*With Regards to Dungeons you should not be able to get stuck. Some parts are tricky! So before you think its a glitch try it a couple of times.



Version 4.44/4.45

*Fixed Glitches regarding version 4.43

*Read through some forums and fixed more glitches

*Added more missing tool tips

*Fixed some text.



Version 4.46 IS FINALLY HERE!

*Added Water Temple

*Added More Evil Main Quest (Still Needs Testing)

*Added more boats

*Added more Items, Units, and Bosses

*Added new Terrain

*When you become Diablo you gain increased Attributes

*Checked all the forums and updated map with glitches and comments

*The Golden Token was not working properly. I updated the map so it will work now. However I did not change the version. But it will work now. Thanks



Version 4.47

*Fixed Ice Crown Temple giving you wrong Medallion... Sorry.

*Minor glitches.. Terrain problems...

*Ummmm Also... If you can get a dragon into the Black Area on the Top and Bottom of the Screen. IE... Where you spawn... choose characters... All the Temples....

THAT IS A GLITCH! Dragons are not allowed in the Black area... You people are clever and usually find your ways... So let me know if you can or not please. Thanks



Version 4.48

*Fixed the not getting the scroll from angel guardian box

*Added summoning shrine set

*Fixed the Trigger where you are only able to carry one set at a time.

*Fixed Evil Main Quest with the Desert Hermit.

(Incase Hermit is already Dead)

*Fixed Item ownership of Super Treasures from Digging



Version 4.49 - Its here! Trying not to desync


Yes its shorter:

Saves Money

Saves Lumber

Saves Level (Not the experience)

Saves Items on Hero only

DOES NOT save charges on items

Character is attached to your account

(If You think that "charges" need to be saved.. I will open a discussion in the forum...)

*Fixed the Issue with Game Desyncing when entering temples...

(The Pan Camera was causing Desyncs)

*Trying to fix issue with game desyncing as it might be caused by periodic Events... Such as the Backpack Warping to you every 10 seconds...

(Its obviously some stupid trigger desyncing my map causing people to give up on it...) I will spend all my efforts trying to correct this situation now.

*Read the Forum and fixed glitches that were posted (Text, Items, Tool tips)

*Added Pandoras Box (Good luck getting it tho, you have a 1 in 151 chances of getting it.... and only if you pick the right box)



Version 4.5 / 4.51

*Loading will now set your level of


Version 4.49 or higher!

*Arena games wont spawn you into queens layer...

*Daemons soul should cause slow for 4.51

*Added in fusion of pickaxes, and other user submitted items.

*Prismatic Amulet of the One will now warp you to temple



Version 4.52

*Dice Roll Taken out to not cause desyncing

*Ship Costs are set

*Added a bunch of new user submitted items that you can find by killing things

*Upgrades for units now grant bonus "Attack Damage" not bonus "Dice Roll"

*Added a place where you can dig for pandoras box using legendary pickaxe

*All Pickaxes will work

*Everyone with a load code of 4.48 or lower can load their character lvl 300 by mistake however its ok, either use that character for testing, and start a new character for gameplay and balance.



Version 4.53

*Fixed all Dice Rolls on Attack and Gold Bonus's to "1" and "1" to help Stop Desync

(Number of Dice & Number of Sides on those Dice)

*NEW Hell Dungeon Added!

*Heaven's Gate added (but not compete)

*Pickaxes will now dig up Quest Items

*Added fusion for Good Heroes with all three Madallions

(Hint: It does not fuse at the fusion shop, It fuses on an island)

*Fixed the Blood Dragon in the Temple of Evil

(Now he will be sacrificed outside & heart will appear inside)

*Lowered Mana Shield because it was overpowered, and increased to 3 for level skip requirement

*Lower Mana Sheild in Spell Book aswell

*Fixed glitches that were on the forum



Version 4.54/4.55/4.56

*Raised Max level of Enemies and raised higher leveled units making them stronger

*Lower starting health on each Hero

*Lowered attributes gained upon leveling

*Hell Dungeon Temple Doors will all work

*Ice Crown Dungeon Door is now again pathable

*Fixed Dragons entering Portal toHeaven.

*Enemy Heroes will grant low amounts of Exp, and high amounts of coin.

*Enemies will grant experience (oops)

(4.56 will grant higher experience)

*Vampire Ultimate Fixed for self only

*Fixed Bridge across to Ultimate Weapon

(It Should not Desync)



Version 4.57

*Added Divine Set

*Added Vanguard's Set

*Fixed couple of item drops in Magic Box Game

*Replaced Furious Strikes with Counter on Warrior

*Balanced more of the Stronger enemy units.