Walkthrough for Good Main Quest

As you pick a character and you pick NEW you will be teleported to the first City in the realm. This City is known as Fira. Instantly you appear in this strange land and Antonidas, a somewhat Familiar face in nearby.

You must walk over to Antonidas, sometimes you will just warp close even to talk to him automatically. He will tell you to go to king.

As you talk to the king located just north east of Antonidas (Minimap Ping) he will explain that his villagers have been kidnapped by Orcs, there ones are blood crazed by the undead presence that has befallen the realm.

He will send you to the far right of the City where the entrance is to talk to the Captain.

Upon talking to the Captain you will receive footmen to aid you in the quest to find the villagers. If the General is playing however he will receive the footmen.

If you follow the path south it will lead you to a door on the right mountain side of the field. To open the Gate you must hit the switch which is located close to it. As you open the door and travel inside you find the villagers.

In doing so you are granted more footmen which spawn just outside the castle entrance. You have also alerted the Horde of Orcs and they are marching towards the city to stop you.

Defeat the Orc Warcheif to complete quest. Once complete travel back to the king and get the next quest.

Upon talking to the king again you inform them you are from the future, and an army of undead are attacking.

After talking to the king and Antonidas travel back to the Captain, this time he will have Knights waiting for you.(spawns).... However if the General is playing they will get the Knights not you.

When you get the knights the Army will spawn in the field of fira just south of the Fira Entrance. There is a Hero Boss Trimonica who you must destroy to complete the quest. He is located at the back of his army.

The Army itself is hard depending how many players are helping, if you use healing wards found at the potion shop you may stand a better chance, by this time you should also have some armor to defend yourself with as well as some hp pots or mp. Dont go running in naked.

After defeating the Army travel back to the King and he will instruct you to travel up on the mountain and talk to the Tree of Gods! (mini map Ping)

The Gate then opens up towards the top of the mountain. There you will find a orc base camp with a Hero Boss. The Boss is hard however the units are fairly weak by now. Use armor and Health Pots to defeat the Boss, and continue on.

After you kill the Boss talk the Tree of Gods, the Tree tells you that you must find a Sword... Its called the Daemonic Sword, and that you must travel to Ramoria as time has altered.

Travel back to the king and he will open yet other gate to the south of the field of Fira. There will be a bunch of Orcs and One Giant orc standing in your way. As you continue south you find zombies and undead have invested the land.

Rarmoria is the next city where you first meet the princess. She introduces herself and tells you about the problems the town of Ramoria is havving. Afterwards she will direct you too the Capttain of Ramoria, where he fills in with more detail.

The Captain sends you too the Graveyard where you must battle skeletons, and zombies. You then enter the First Boss area (Created by 13Iack_Pirate).

When you meet this boss you may think he is just like everyone else however this is not the case. This Boss is actually you from this time.

If you remember you came back from three years into the future. So your present day self should be around... However you are evil in this time... This boss is fun, but hard as he doesnt attack hard, but has lots of health and minions to fight for him. When you kill him you and your team will receive a good amount of experience.

After that you travel back to ramoria and the princess opens the door to allow you to keep on travelling south. She explains in this next area there is a Magical Sword, that you must find.

You will follow the road on the terrain and it will lead you too a bunch of destructible rocks which you must destroy to get into the cave where this Sword is Hidden.

There are 2 caves in this area... The First cave is the Cave where you get the Sword.. The other is the Cave which allows you too play Zombie Defense.

As you enter the first cave, you must defeat the minions which have spell immunity, after you defeat them you go to the top of the cave and you Recieve the DAEMONIC SWORD!

This is only the touch of the main quest, there are hours of gameplay for users to experience and have fun with. Keep playing and learn the story of the DAEMONIC SWORD ORPG!