Arena Master

-part of Good Main Quest, he will give you the Celestial Orb which can lead to the Gods Set


-Main Character NPC in the Game. Gives you his staff which can create healing wards

Arcane Dragon
-Summoned by Arcane Mage

Ancient Hydra
Appentice Wizard
Arena Bandits
Arena Rogue
Holds your Items
Bandit Lord
Bandit Slave Builder
Blood Fiend

Blue Dragon
-Can purchase or buy an egg and throw it into the Fountain on top of Ice Mountain.

Black Drake

Blood Dragon
-Throw an Egg into the Fountain of Blood in the Vampires Den

Castle Guard
Centaur Archer

Cow Slave
-The Evil Side can aquire these peasent slaves and feed them to the abominations for Gold

Chaos Skeleton Warrior
Chaos Skeleton Mage
Chaos Voidwalker

-Various Captains are on the forefront of the battle, helping you through quests.

Crypt Lord

Desert Hermit
-Part of the Good Main Quest

Daemonic Death Revenant
-Drops Rare Items

Daemonic Doom Guard

Daemonic Infernal
-Can Summon with Diablos Head Item

Daemonic Dragon
-Use the Dragon eggs while you are wearing the powerful amulet of Dragons. Throw the Egg into the Portal by the

Daemonic Felhound
Daemonic Voidwalker

Diablo's Infernals
-Drops rare items

Daemonic Forest Spider
-Drops Spider Gem which is used to Create Earth Elemental

Daemonic Scorpion
-Drops Giant Scorpion claw to help in Ice Temple, Also triggers switches

-Summoned by Paladin

Deep Lord Revenant
Dragon Turtle

-Drops Diablo items which can fuse into Diablos set

Daemon (Evil)
-Antagonist of the Good Main Quest. Since you are from the Future... He is you from the Present.

-Drops Draculas Heart which can fuse into amulet, and adept of evil set.

Dune Worm
Eredar Diabolist
-Drops Rare Items

Felhound of Death
Fira Guard
Forest Spider
Forest Troll
Forest Troll Berserker
Forest Troll High Priest

Forest Troll Warlord
-Can Drop Warlords Axe which is used to summon into Earth Elemental

Frost Wolf
-Can Create Ice Skin Armor which is used to Create Ice Elmental

Flesh Golem
Fire Bird

Fire Lord
-Drops his special item which is used to fuse into the Fire Elemental

-Brave men usually lead to their doom


Giant Grunt
-Can drop items

Giant Skeleton
-Has a chance to Drop Items

Gold Dragon
-Use the Amulet of Dragon with the dragons egg in hand
Granite Golem
General Dameon (Devil's Son)

Green Dragon
-Spawns from the Green Fountain in the Forest, throw an egg into the fountain and wait

Great Voidwalker
Hell Hounds

Human Transport Shop
-Buy it from the shipyards located by the ocean

High Priest

Ice Revenant
-Drops the Ice Mace which is need to fuse the Ice elemental
Ice Spider

-Fend off these stronger zombies

Jungle Monkey

Jungle Stalker
-Has a chance to drop Great Monkey Kings Mask

Keeper of the Grove
-One of the Summoning units from the forest and could drop Summoning Set item

King Vertalis
-Part of the Good Main Quest


Lord of Dragons
-Summoners Ulimate Fusion of Summons.

Master Wizard
-The Master wizard can sometimes drop his rare item

Murloc Tiderunner

Mountain Hero
-The Only NPC Hero to Drop a Soul if killed from a User Diablo

Mortar Team

-Summons those skeletons, you better watch out!

Nether Drake

Naga Royal Guard
-Patrols the Seas north of Alexandria.

Nic the Builder
-Builds your town for gold and lumber. You can purchase him at the Lumber Mill

Ogre Lord
Ogre Magi
Ogre Warrior

-Drops Rare Items

Orc Elite

-One of the Main Characters of the Story, she holds the key to it all...

Pit Lord of Arazune
Razormane Beast

Rangers Wolf
-Ranger can summon this wolf from her spell book

Red Dragon
-Gained from throwing Dragon egg into Fire Mountain Volcano Mouth

Rock Golem
Rogue Wizard
Sea Elemental
Siege Golem
Spider Crap Behemoth
Skeleton Warrior
Skeleton Mage

Skeleton King
-Drops the Skeleton Crown which is part of Summoning Set Fusion

Skeletal Guard
Skeletal Marksman
Skeletal Archers

-Kill the Succubus and earn the Orb of Evil... Beware of its touch for it turns you evil...

-Put your Soul into the Damn Hero and start playing

The Dark Guardian
-Defeat him in the Daemonic Chamber to contine on after receiving the sword

The Runner
-Beat the Runner using Boot of Speed and gain some easy cash

The New Hondex SI
-Travel in Style in your Car!
The Zombie Builder
-Use to Build your walls to protect you from those damn zombies
The Travelling Merchant
-The peasent merchant wonders around aimlessly in the desert. He sells things that he finds in his travels
Troll Headhunter
-Summoned Unit
Vampire Death Knight
-Bite through these vampires to get to Dracula
WarGolem-Summoned Unit
-When the Vampire Knights kill you, instead of deing you will revive in jail and be force to battle this creatue
-Haunts the Undead Cove
-They bite hard
Zombie Hunter
-play as the Zombie Hunter in the Zombie Survival MiniGame.