Items Sets

God's Set: (Req. Lvl 200 + Good Alignment)

Fusion Requires:

-Gods Cloak
-Gods Sandals
-Gods Left Hand
-Gods Right Hand
-Gods Shield

Gods set:
+5000 to all stats
+2500 Damage,
+Max Athletics

-Presence of the Almighty (Immolation)
-God's Light (Heal 30k)
-Slow (Casting Spell)
-Teleportation (6.68 and up)

-X2 Bonus Str Dmg on each hit of Wrath of Heaven (Paladin)

Together all 5 of these items can be fused together to create a super power Godly Set Item. Instead of taking up 5 spaces this item takes up 1 and has power equal to all 5. You can fuse the items together at the Item Fusion Shop.

You can obtain this items during the Main Quest when you obtain a Celestial Orb of Souls. With this Orb in your inventory you must kill 300 Lvl 50+ Enemies. After you have killed atleast 300 you can travel to the God Temple within the Desert and exchange it for a God item. You will get them randomly and may receive doubles. Keep trying until you get all 5 then fuse them.

When you possess God's Set you may travel to the Temple of God where you meet the archaeologist in the desert. If you possess God's Set it will teleport you to a temple where you will fight a Super Powered Almighty. If you Defeat the Almighty you can transform your God's Set into the Almighty's Set.

Almighty's Set: (Req. Lvl 340 + Good Alignment)

Fusion Requires:

-God's Set
-Defeat Super Almighty in Temple of God which is located in the desert.

Almighty's Set:
-8000 Stats
-3250 Damage
-Max Athletics

-Presence of the Almighty (Immolation)
-God's Light (Heal 30k)
-Slow (Casting Spell)

-X2 Bonus Str Dmg on each hit of Wrath of Heaven (Paladin)

Forgottens Set: (Req. Lvl 225 + Evil Alignment)

Fusion Requires:

-Forgotten Blade
-Forgotten Shield
-Forgotten Battle Armor

Forgotten's Set
+5000 to all stats
+2500 Damage
+Max Athletics

-Forgotten Lightning (Spell)
-Mana Shield
-Unholy Aura
-Thorns Aura (30%_
-100 Hp Regen/sec
-100K Health Bonus
-50 Bonus Armor

-80K Bonus Damage on Death Strike

Upon getting all three peices of the Forgotten Set. (Blade, Armor, Shield) You will return to the Forgotten to complete the Quest at that time. After you deliver all three items and complete the quest you will be able to fuse the items at the Item Fusion Shop. Only after the quest is compete you can Fuse the Items.

Diablos Set: (Req. Lvl 200)

Fusion Requires:

-Diablo's Claws / Diablos Claws of Evil
-Diablo's Head
-Diablo's Wings
-Diablo's Heart
-Diablo's Soul
-Diablo's Tail

Diablo's set:
+4250 to all stats
+3000 Damage,
+Max Athletics

-Diablo's Wings(Teleportation)
-Fire (Sends out fire bolts burning around him)
-Summon Diablo's Infernal(Super Powerful Infernal)
-True Sight (reveals Invisible Units)
-Diablo's Anger (Immolation)
-50%Spell Immune
-Cleaving Attack (15%)

Diablos Set can fuse using the Fusion Shop at anytime during gameplay.

Have all 6 of these fused will allow you to be able to turn youself into Diablo. After killing the Original Diablo you can step on his symbol with all 6 Items, and Become Diablo Himself. There is a small quest behind it, but it is very fun. You become more Powerful, bigger you are trapped in hell. Untill you collect some Good Evils souls.

Although Diablo only possesses 5 of the Set. Diablo Soul has been missing from him from quite some time. Rumor has it that in the Ancient Days God ripped out Diablos Souls after he turned against Heaven. The Soul has been missing by both parties for some time. Rumor is a Daemonic Lord of the Forgotten Ages took the soul and now keeps it close.

You can only receive the Soul from the Final Boss "Diablo" and not from the one that is already there. You can obtain the other 5 items from either Diablos.

Evil character can receive the soul during the Evil Main Quest. The quest will lead you into hell where you will meet an acolyte who will give it too you.

Fallen Angel's Set: (Req. Lvl 350)

Fusion Requires:

-Diablo's Set (Check Diablos Set Requirements)
-Sacred Sword of Diablo's (Random drop from Essence Diablo)
-Essence of Diablo (Kill Diablo in Hell)
-25 Hell Stone Pouches (Ore found in hell and requires Master Pickaxe or higher)

Fallen Angel's Set: (Lvl 350)
+7000 to all stats
+200Hp/sec Regen
+10K Mana Bonus

-Wings of the Fallen Angel(Mass Teleportation)
-Fallen Angel's Despair (50K Summon Dmg, 20K Mana Dmg)
-Infernal Legion (Summons alot of Infernals)
-True Sight
-Fire (Bolts of Fire comes out of item towards targets)
-Evasion (40%)
-Diablo's Fury (Stonger Immolation)
-50% Spell Immune
-Cleaving Mastery (20%)
+100 Armor
+200K HP Bonus

Divine Set: (Lvl Req. 200)

Fusion Requires:

-Divine Armor (Beat Cloud Haven)
-Divine Crown (Dig up the Crown using master pickaxe in Heaven)
-Divine Hammer (Kill Daemonic Angels or Arc Angels in Heaven)
-Divine Shield (Smash open the box in Heaven using infernals hammer)
-Arthur's Soul (Dig up Arthur's Soul using master pickaxe in the desert)

Divine set (Requires level 200)


+3500 to all stats
+2500 Damage
+100 Armor


-Divine Shield
-Spell Reduction (50%)
-Bash (4%)
-Life Bonus (300K)
-Life Regeneration (300Hps)
-Divine Aura (+20 Armor Allies)
-Justice Aura (20% Bonus Attack)

-70K Bonus Dmg to Angelic Light Spell (Defender of Realms)

Vanguard's Set (Lvl Req. 140)

Fusion Requires:

-Dread Armor (Beat the Murloc Gaurdian in the Water Temple to get a percent chance)
-Dread Greaves (Kill Lazer the Ice Temple Boss)
-Vanguard's Gloves (Defeat the Banshee Queen)
-Vanguard's Helm (Part of High level Item Drop)
-Vanguard's Scroll(Dug up by statue in Hell)

Vanguard's set:
+3500 to all stats
+50K Health Bonus
+Max Athletics

-Touch of Grace (60k Healing)
-Ultimate Divine (25secs)
-Critical Strike
-Trueshot Aura (Ranged 30%)
-Thorns Aura (30%)
-50 Armor Bonus
-200Mp/sec Regen

Summoning Set: (Lvl Req. 200)

Fusion Requires:

-Grim Reapers Scythe (Summon the Grim Reaper in the Desert)
-Skeletons God's Crown of Malice (Summon the Skeleton King in Fira's Graveyard)
-God of Tree's Spiked Armor (Summon the God of Trees in the Dark Forest)
-Darkness God's Blade of Destruction (Summon the Darkness God in Hell)
-God of Fire's Battle Gloves (Summon the God of Fire at the entrance to fire mountain)

Summoning set:
+3000 to all stats
+1500 Damage
+50Mp/sec Regeneration

-Immolation (500 Damage per second)
-Life Steal (10%)
-Critical Strike (15% @ X2 Dmg)
-Cleaving Attack (15%)
-Thorns Aura (30%)
-50 Armor Bonus

You can obtain all these items from all the summoning shrines throughout the land. The Summons might not always drop the item, but they will respawn in time and you can try again.

Golden Master's Set (Lvl Req. 225 & Good)

Fusion Requires:

-Golden Helm of Medallions (Complete all three temples and fuse madallions together)
-Master's Staff (Kill Master Wizard)
-Golden Gloves of Eternity (Complete sub quest Key of Eternity)
-Artifact of the Master (Find 4 peices of Artifacts)
- Golden Shield (Check Fusion Charts)

+4500 to all stats
+1750 Damage

-Thorns: 30%
-Life Steal 10%
-Bash 4%
-Life Regeneration 100Hp/sec
-Mana Regeneration 50Mp/sec

Find all these rare high level items to make this amazing set. It contains passive skills so you dont have to worry about using it when you obtain this item. Also the bash and Regeneration is a major bonus in combat.

Daemonic's Set (Lvl Req. 360)

Fusion Requires:

-Daemonic's Dragon Ring (Collect all underwater Daemonic relics and fuse them)
-Legendary Daemonic Sword (Collect 900 souls with ultimate Daemonic Sword)
-Daemonic's Cape (Kill the Ultimate Evil Daemon when you summon him with Essences)
-Daemonic's Battle Armor (Kill the second last boss in "Hero Battle" then kill 5 "User Heroes" and bring it too the fusion shop)
-Daemonic's Helm (Kill the Temple of Sevens Boss)

-8000 to all stats
-3500 Dmg Bonus
-250 Armor Bonus

-Daemonic FireBlast
-Summon Daemonic Angels
-Daemonic Cape of Invisibility
-Summon Daemonic Dragon
-Critical Strike X4
-Evasion 30%
-Daemonic Immolation 1500hp/sec
-Spell damage Reduction 50%
-Mana Regeneration 50Mp/sec
-Thorns Aura (30%)

Legendary Dragons Set (Lvl Req. 360)

Fusion Requires:

-Daemonic's Dragon Ring (Collect all underwater Daemonic relics and fuse them)
-Heart of a Blood Dragon(Sacrfic the Blood Dragon in the Temple of Evil)
-Dragon King's Heart (Kill the Dragon King in a Dragon Island cave)
-Dragon Egg (Buy it from dragon store in desert or find it on high level creatures)
-Dragon Axe (Kill the Dragn King)
-Dragon Orb (Kill the Temple of Seven Boss)

-10000 Stats
-400K Health
-Max Speed

-Dragon Force (Spell)
-Summon Daemonic Dragon
-Anti Magic Shield
-Critical 15% X 5
-Evasion 30%
-Decaying Aura -40 Armor
-Spell Damage Reduction 25%