Main Good Items

Evasion Bracer

This King Gives you this bracer as a token of gratitude for defeating the Army of Undead. They Bracer grants you the Ability to evade 15% of Attacks. It is useful at first but can be discarded at a later date. It does not sell for anything but can be sold.

Protection Gem

The King gives you the Protection Gem in order to create a shield around the Town of Ramoria. The Gem however offers the User +20 Defense, it seems the Gem shields anyone who touches it. The Gem cannot be Saved as you need it to activate the Main Quest, however it is good while you play. It can also be used as a fusion Item, after its use is complete.

Daemonic Sword

The Daemonic Sword is found later through out the Good Main Quest. This Weapon gives the Hero a great amount of power to defeat his enemies. The Sword can also be Fused with the Orb of Life or Death at the Temple of the Sword. (Not the Item Fusion Shop). The Temple of the Sword is located in the Ancient city guarded now by Daemonic Doom Guards.

Antonidas Staff

Adds Bonus to Intelligence, and Damage as well as creates Healing wards for the user. This Item is useful as you can use it to heal you and there are few items that do such a thing. It can be saved, however it cannot be Sold.

Desert Rose

The Desert Rose grows in the Top Half of the Desert, and could be somewhere inside the Bandit Fortress. When Antonidas asks you to create a King Potion he requires you to find this rare ingredient. Only Good Heroes can now pick up this

White Dragon Armor

This armor is some of the strongest you purchase, however you must be a Good Hero. Offering the User Divine shield and +17 Armor it is very handy to have around.