Main Evil Items

Orb of lesser Evil

The Orb of Lesser Evil is usually the first item you obtain in your quest to become evil. Just outside of Fira City (1st City) there is a graveyard. Inside the Graveyard there is an alcolyte who tells you where to find the Orb of Lesser Evil. To Acquire this Orb you must defeat a succubus on the other side of the city in a cave. The orb will drop on the symbol, be warned for whoever picked up this item turns evil, and cannot drop the item normally. The Item can be dropped at two places which both are churches... One is in the Dark Forest guarded by the Trolls, the other is in the Desert area near the very south east corner.
(Keep this in Inventory to turn evil upon loading)

The Orb of Evil

The Orb of Evil can be aquired by the acolytes at the Temple of Evil. Getting this item is not easy as you must possess the Amulet of the Dead in order to even talk to the acolyte. After you have the Amulet of the Dead you must hatch a Blood Dragon from the Vampire Cave. Return the Blood Dragon to the Temple and Sacrific it in the portal. Bring the remains back to the acolyte with the Amulet and get and upgraded Orb of Evil.
(Keep this in Inventory to turn evil upon loading)

Diablos Claws of Evil

(You must have Diablos Claws, and Orb of Evil)

With both items you must go to the Item Fusion Shop and fuse the items together. The Diabos claws will keep a Hero on the Evil side, and will count towards a Piece of the Diablo Set.
(Keep this in Inventory to turn evil upon loading)

Ultimate Orb of Evil

You must defeat the Evil Main quest to obtain this item, it will grant you the power to turn evil upon loading, and give great states. The Last Boss in Evil Main Quest will drop this for the heroes who defeated the Boss.
(Keep this in Inventory to turn evil upon loading)

Medallion of Evil

The Medallion of Evil is obtain from the Acolyte right after you defeat the invading Army from capturing the Skeletal Arfifact. The Medallion comes with a special ability..
If the Evil wearing of this Medallion kills 50 Kingdom units they can summon a power army inside Fira City to attack and cause damage for a short period of time.
If the wearer kills a User Hero the Medallion grows +10 instead of +1.

Forgotten Blade

This is the first ultimate weapon you recieve for being evil. During the main quest your New Master will tell you too dig up this blade which is hidden under a church.

Forgotten Shield

When all the Temples are complete, and you return to the Forgotten with the Madallions he will send you into the realm of heaven. There you will battle some feirce Angels protecting a Sacred Scroll. Get the Scroll and get out of there. There Fuse all 4 items with a Item fusion stone to get the Forgotten Shield.

Forgotten Battle Armor

When you Return to the Forgotten with the New Forgotten Shield. He will tell you there is one last peice of his armor. It is being guarded by a boss Angel. Travel there and defeat him to recieve the Forgotten Battle Armor.