Q. Can you save/load?


Q. Can you play single Player?


Q. Can you -save in single player?


Q. Can you Cheat?

A. NO!

Q. How many Quests are there?

A. There is 1 Quest for Good Alignment, there is also 1 Quest for Evil Alignment

Q. Can I switch Between Evil and Good?

A. Yes, you can switch back and forth between evil and good as many times as you wish.

Q. Can Good and Evil Heroes Fight?

A. Hell Yes! There are rules to this however.


Q. How come so many teams?

A. There are two sides, Good and Evil. Daemonic Heroes are GOOD The One Slot for General is also GOOD The Death,Vamp,DarkLord Slots are for EVIL

The Teams are against each other, however every user has a choice to turn good or evil.

Q.How do I fuse items?

A. There is an Item fusion shop in the Dark Forest by the trolls. You can purchase a Fusion stone from the shop and walk into the blue fire circle and fuse your items.

Q. Are there other places to fuse Items?

A. Yes there is the temple to fuse the Daemonic Sword into the Death version or the Life Version.
There is also a island where a Good aligned hero can fuse the Temple Madallions.