Walkthrough Hell

Items Needed:
-Pickaxe (any)
-Infernal Hammer (Req. Lvl 100) (Found inside Dungeon)


Levels: 90-200
Boss: Diablo (Lvl 400) (2 Versions)



You must be Level 75 to Enter Hell.


Hell Stones: Located in the first room as you enter Hell, just left of the entrance portal, inside a gated off area there will be hell stones. You must have Master or Golden Dwarf's Pickaxe, and a Hell Stone Pouch.

Vanguards Scroll: Dig at the north west statue in Cerberus's Room. Master pickaxe or higher is Required.

God of Darkness: Proceed through the temple and kill the God of Darkness he will drop his item which can be used to fuse into the summoning set.

Ahl Goreh: Located within the Daemonic Infernal room to one of the keys of seven.


Temple Guide:

Step 1.

Go west to all the way to a lever. Hit the lever and rush back as fast as you can to the massive gate north of the entrance. If you don't have max movespeed, this might not be possible for some of you.

Step 2.

When you get through the massive gate, you'll need to kill Cerberus who is block the door to the next area. Kill him and proceed through the door.Go north until you come to wooden bridges on fire, which will lead you west(Left). Walk across the bridge and kill off the guards and dig at the north golden statue at the ("?") for your first temple key. Put the key in your backpack.

Step 3.

You will notice two doors close to the bridge you came across, one north of the bridge, and one south of the bridge. You will use the key on the south door which will open the door only for a few seconds so make sure to run through to the next area.

Step 4.

Follow the path south until you see this big red circle with a evil looking temple beside it. This is the summoning spot for the God of Darkness, probably the second hardest thing in Hell.

Summon him by walking into the circle. Kill him and backpack the key he will drop, continue all the way south to the end of the corridor. Step on the switch located at the end of the corridor.

Step: 5 (Must be done quickly)

A. There are then two ways to proceed, from this point, you can continue east from here and you will end up in the first area, where you must open the door to cerberus. kill cerberus, and proceed north back to the bridge, where a closet door will be open with a switch inside it. Step on it, and go all the way back across the bridge, through the northern gate this time... Or.

B. Using the key from God of Darkness, go back to the north end of this hall and up the ramps where you used the key the first time. Go east across the bridge until you're north of where you killed Cerberus, and go in the little closet room and step onto the switch. Go all the way back across the bridge, through the northern gate this time.

Step 6.

Go east until you find a Necropolis with an Infernal parked next to it, this way will stear you north, then into an area covered with Death Knights. You will see a switch that sadly you can't hit this one yourself. Drag a Death Revenant onto it which opens the door shortly, run past the big table to the open door on the left side of it. In this closet, the south wall has a false section which you can walk through. Dig at the statue for a key. Go back to where you got a Death Revenant onto the switch, open the gate just below there with the key, and defeat the Great Infernal for the Infernal Hammer. (Go ahead and equip this for a while.)


Step 7.

When you leave The Great Infernal's area, you'll find yourself back at the start. Hit the lever and kill Cerberus again, but when his door opens go west(left) instead of north. Step on the switch and use the Infernal Hammer's ability to "hit" the gate open. Run up to the chest in the middle of this room, use the Infernal Hammer again so obtain the Dungeon Boss Key.

Step 8.

Now continue back towards the bridge and you will notice the closet door is open again. (If it is not, hit the switch with the hammer by the Boss key again)

Step on the switch inside and go back to the Death Revenants area. Pull another Death Rev onto the switch, dig another key, and now you will notice the other door south of the big table, with the switch beside it. Infernal Hammer the switch, go into the room where there is an acolyte who is used in "Evil Main Quest". At the top of this room there is another switch, hit it with the Infernal hammer(This switch will raise the next Elevator) and return back to the Death Revenant and head north of the Great Infernal Door.

Step 9.

Go west down the hall, use the key to open the gate and go right over the elevator you Infernal Hammer'd open. Daemonic Infernals are located within the next room and pack a powerful punch. You'll want to dig at the golden statue with the area, and then go west pulling an infernal onto the switch located by the elevators leading south.

(Note: Do not enter Warp Gate within area unless you are very confident in your abilities.)

(You can summon Daemonic Dragons with Dragon Amulet and Dragons Egg by using the egg beside the Massive Portal Gate.)


Step: 10

Go over the elevator and enter Hell's Prison. Infernal Hammer the switch in the prison (Which will raise the Boss Elevator for a very long time) and use the key on the east(right) door. Head south and Infernal Hammer the switch down within that little area. Rush North around the bend through the giant gate which will now be open. This will lead just back to Door just north of the Main Fire Bridge.

The door south of here will open when you approach it with your Hero. You will walk south back to the Main Fire Bridge and head West(left) up the towards the Final Boss. Equip whatever you want, go over the elevator which was raise from the prision. Use your boss key on the Massive Boss Door, and Diablo's Lair awaits you.

Should you happen to own Diablo's Set or Fallen Angel's Set, most doors in Hell open up when you approach.

If you own either of those sets, and Diablo is currently defeated, you can equip the set and walk onto Diablo's Throne to "become" Diablo. What this means is that you are forced to join Evil Forces, cannot turn Good as long as you are Diablo, gain lots of stats, and are trapped in Hell until you complete a small quest of sorts. Defeat 6 Hero Units and bring their "soul" (a dropped item) to Diablo's Throne, or else anytime you leave Hell, you will be teleported back. The only things that will count for this quest are Mountain Heroes (at Fira and Ramoria) and Player Heroes. (You can build stuff like Daemonic Infernals and Doom Guards to help collect the souls, or for other tasks. Acolytes can build a flying version of the "unit builder" which can't create acolytes, but makes most other units. After you get the 6 souls back to Diablo's Throne, you may leave Hell, keep the stat bonuses, and are free to do whatever (as Evil). Please note these bonus stats DO NOT save, and the quest must be re-done each game.

Written by: Sandman366

Revised by: Daemonic