The Mission

The Mission is simple. I want to create not only a map, but an entire game where the sky is the limits. I don’t want anything to hold you back, I want everything to be your choice. I want Good vs Evil to have strong storylines and an epic main quest, as well be able to do hours upon hours of miscellaneous adventures to upgrade your characters and their items. These include the Arena, and Zombie Defense as well as many more. I want players to be able to do anything they want, with little restrictions as possible. I don’t want them thinking... "I wish I could do that"... In my game I want you to be able too regardless. The ultimate goal would be to eventually to have this game the most popular RPG on battle.net. As of now it is up there, however there is still much work to be done to make it the greatest. This mission has been in progress for over 5 years, and I have been working on this project through high school and college whenever I have time. The Game is nearing completion and I will probably try to work on completing it by the end of August 2011. This is not a set date, but it will give me the summer to work on it some more as I am in college obtaining my graphic design diploma!

The Inspiration

How I envision my map is kind of a mix of all these Role Playing Games that I have played, shows I’ve watched, things that have happened to me, and friends/fans that have added their time and effort into the game. I use Ideas from all these such as, Zelda(gameplay), Fable(gameplay), Dragon Ball Z(strength), FF7(epicness) Diablo, Warcraft, and life in general caused me to continue to add to this game. A lot of the story comes from my life experiences, and much of the content is metaphorically worded into this magical world. I have been currently writing a book on Daemonic Sword however school and this game have been holding the process back. I am hoping to complete this game and get a fan base and eventually try to publish my book in hope to encourage youth to read and write and to imagine.

Map History

I started creating the map years ago as something fun to do. I used the Star Craft map editor as a kid but wasn’t that good at it. When I finally got war craft map editor I started playing around, but never starting over... I worked on the map off and on for a while sometimes not even touching it for months... The map has been in development by myself for years. In the Winter of 2009 I met 13lack_Pirate online who wanted to start creating some cool abilities for the Heroes. I gave him the ok and now is my 2nd and only in the creation of the Daemonic Sword ORPG. Only recently has the Daemonic Sword ORPG taken off with enough popularity to deserve a website and a forum.

It is all thanks to the Beta Testers and devoted fans that keep me going and help find glitches and better ways to do things. Its all because of you that i believe my map is successful. The ideas come from me, but the fun comes from you.

I am trying not to put much work into this site, i will continue to update and make it better, but the main focus is the map and to get it out of the Beta version.